After the hot sun, the calm sea and the wonderful beaches that have lightened our thoughts, it is the right time of year to think about the future. September has arrived, the month of new beginnings, of the good intentions made to ourselves and to others to return to the best of our daily lives, after having been recharged with new energy and awareness.

In September (a bit like in January), each of us begins to draw up a list of what we would like to achieve during the year. There are those who would like to study and finish the exams at the university, who would like to find a new job, those who would like to enroll in the gym. We all want to reach a single goal: to change life to improve. Improve. Even Red Carpet Magazine wanted to draw up a list of its new beginnings in order to project, at best, towards new changes. So, with the beautiful September season comes a new number full of news and totally new content. We want to give you, page after page, a number of images that could visually give you, immediately, the feeling of change.



Welcome from Maria Teresa Prestigiacomo



Oscar Wilde

Beloved readers of Red Carpet Magazine,

I welcome the readers who from this issue will know me in playing an important role: the communication of the international magazine that becomes part of the favorite readings of VIP, super VIP and illustrious characters of high culture and of high target, in Europe and beyond.

Even before accepting this prestigious assignment, I signed some articles that have received considerable support, stimulating and encouraging my path and my steps; I am grateful for this: I would like to mention the service for the Castello San Marco Charming & SPA Hotel in Calatabiano (CT, Sicily), for the German writer Nicole Rose, for Villa La Guardiola Guarnaschelli in Taormina, for the Bucharest painter Doina Botez and for the stylist Baronessa Margherita De Cles, from La Cles.

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RED CARPET – Sett-Ott 2017

Siete amanti dei viaggi? Bene, con il nuovo numero di Red Carpet Magazine vogliamo farvi vivere un viaggio all'interno del nostro paese, spaziando da arte, cultura, moda, lifestyle del belpaese fatto di esperienze culinarie e tanto altro da scoprire.. In fondo ogni viaggio è una scoperta.Buona lettura e.. buon viaggio! 😊

Pubblicato da Red Carpet Magazine su Venerdì 20 ottobre 2017

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