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Adriano Celentano is 80 years old.

Best wishes to the “Molleggiato” from the Red Carpet magazine editorial staff

Born in Milan on 6 January 1938, throughout his career the singer has sold about 200 million records (including those abroad), holding the record among Italian musical artists. For the epiphany, replication on Canale 5 of the concert at the Verona Arena in 2012

Adriano Celentano turns 80 and celebrates with a replica of the best of Rock Economy, the 2012 live concert at the Verona Arena, which will be broadcast again on Channel 5, on 6 January, the day of the Epiphany and his birthday.

During the evening you can also see some shots from the backstage and unpublished footage. He married with Claudia Mori since 1964, after meeting her on the set of the film “Uno strano tipo” (of their union, three children were born, Rosita, Giacomo and Rosalinda), the “molleggiato” returns to television after four years of distance.

Fourth son of a southern family moved to the North, Celentano spent his youth near the Central Station of Milan, in that street where there was grass, street Gluck, and who also became a protagonist thanks to the great companion of entertainment Sergio Cavagnera of one of his great singing successes “Il ragazzo della via Gluck”, a song translated into 20 languages ​​and presented in Sanremo with little success.

From 1957 to 1962 is his rock period: 58 songs in 5 years, as “Your kiss is like a rock” and “24 thousand kisses”, also presented in Sanremo with much sensation because of the fact that he decides to sing it partly giving back to the public. These were the times when he performed with Enzo Jannacci and Giorgio Gaber, who reunited years later, inviting them as guests with Dario Fo and Antonio Albanese, to his broadcast “125 million cazz.te” (2001).

In 1962 he founded the Clan, a record company, but also a community of artists to promote young talent. In the Clan there is also a mysterious girl, The Girl of the Clan, who for only two years remains only a voice… It is Milena Cantù, sentimentally linked to Adriano until Celentano falls in love with the jealous Claudia Mori, Milena leaves the group and between Adriano and Claudia begins a story that has lasted more than 50 years.

In addition to the song, Celentano begins to make films, acting in more than 40 films, often alongside his wife but also of the sexiest actresses of those years Edvige Fenech (Asso 1981), Ornella Muti (“Il bisbetico domato”, 1980 and “Innamorato pazzo”, 1981), Carole Bouquet (Bingo Bongo, 1982), Monica Vitti (The other half of the sky, 1977) and Charlotte Rampling (Yuppi Du, 1975).

And perhaps with Ornella Muti on the set of “Innamorato pazzo”, the only escapade as declared by the “Molleggiato” in a courtroom during a trial for defamation to a well-known magazine: “Between me and Claudia there is always been love, we went through a crisis, 20 or maybe 30 years ago, but we are a united family “.

The relashionship with Mina instead is particular. Friends forever, both with a bad temper, as Mario Luzzato Fegiz said. At his side in some films such as “Urlatori alla sbarra” (1960) and “Juke box” (1959), finally their first album together in 1998, Mina Celentano (more than 1.6 million copies sold) and “The Best “, in 2016, with 5 platinum records and about 250 thousand copies sold.

Controversive, protester, ignorant philosopher, as defined in his book “The King of the ignorant” (ed. Mondadori), every time he appears on television is controversy, and as always, he asks white paper on the contents shaking the chairs of the managers Rai .

Animalist convinced to the point to be put on trial, and then be acquitted because the fact does not exist, for “attack the Referendum” when during the broadcast “Fantastico” wrote on a blackboard “The hunt is against love”, just the night before of the vote. With Rockpolitik in 2005, host Roberto Benigni, reaches the peak of listeners: 16 million people attend the sketch of the “Letter to Berlusconi”.

The political commitment expressed also through the music with “Ti fai del male”, a passage in which defines the politicians “light years away from understanding what are the reasons for this crisis”, and addresses the issue of femicide. On the final of the song a clear reference to the Movement 5 Stars of Belle Grillo; “There is a rumor that among the parties there is a new wave that started from nothing and how an avalanche is advancing like a cyclone to bring down the rotten nation”.

Many other guest friends at his tv shows, by Eros Ramazzotti, with whom he duet the “Il ragazzo della Via Gluck”; Loredana Bertè, with whom he sang “Impazzivo per te”, Elton John, Franco Battiato, Gérard Deapardieu and many others. But it is not over yet. Meanwhile, 2018 we start with a reply. We’ll see…



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