A painter of sure investment. The magic atmospheres of ancient Persia in the works of this Iranian artist.

by Maria Teresa Prestigiacomo

From Iran, but Italian by citizenship and adoption, Afsané Mitus Moghaddam occupies an important place in the varied international art scene; the atmospheres of ancient Persia seem to relive in a modern way in her works that are imposed on the market as a product of safe investment.

Born in Tehran, ceramist, painter, a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Iranian capital and at the Academy of Rome, she was a student of the Maestro Sandro Trotti. Since she was young the painter was involved in music, so much that instruments and music are present in her extraordinary works of ancient charm but original, unique and not attributable to other masters.

On Afsané’s paintings are depicted faces of women and musical instruments, friends of her childhood and expression of arcane music of her Country of “A Thousand and One Nights”; and then, on her paintings, the flowers: surely, allegorical symbols of that poetry of the soul that is the music of the heart, ready to soothe pains and troubles; flowers as symbols of hope, for the artist, translated with important, strong, decisive, volitive signs, with bright but delicate colors, expression of romantic and mysterious lullabies of verses of ancient Persian poems.

Over time, the technique of Mitus became increasingly refined and intrigued. The chromatic balance on the paintings is composed, so as to confer a perfect harmony to the work.

The painter loves Italy and, for this reason, she moved in Rome in 1994 to visit the works of great masters such as Leonardo da Vinci; she remains there and currently she lives and works in Rome. Afsané Mitus boasts many exhibitions in prestigious Galleries, in Italy and abroad; recently, in Vatican State, at the Galleria della Pigna, one of her shows (by Euromediterranean Academy of Arts) has aroused interest from critics and public.

The most important acknowledgments and prizes she achieved are, for example: Premio Medusa Aurea, Rome 1995 of International Academy of Modern Art and Il Mondo dell’Arte, 2011. Her Gallery of reference is the 3B Gallery – Contemporary Art of Rome. We remember, with remarkable success, her recent exhibition in Rome, at the Galleria Medina, in November 2018, an exhibition that put herself in a brilliant comparison with the abstract art of a valid colleague Italian – French, De Bouard.

Next step: a prestigious auction House, driven by an authoritative art critic of the aforementioned Academy; the International Auction House will be interested in the sale of her works in Europe.

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