Angela Molina

Angela Molina “Cinema is life”

Interview with the actress muse of Luis Buñuel in “Quell’oscuro oggetto del desiderio”, guest of the “XI Spanish Film Festival in Rome”.

By Elisabetta Bartucca

The art has lived since childhood and could not be otherwise with a father actor and singer, Antonio Molina. She worked in a circus in France, became a ballet dancer in Madrid and became known in the cinema thanks to “Quell’oscuro oggetto del desiderio”, the latest film by Luis Buñuel in which she alternated with Carole Bouquet. interpretation of the exact same role. When I meet Angela Molina in May at the “Festival del Cinema Spagnolo” in Rome, where she is a guest to present Buñuel’s masterpiece to the Roman public, the face is the painful, dreamy and volcanic one that has accompanied her throughout her career. A long life adventure that saw her win a David di Donatello for the interpretation of “Un complicato intrigo di donne”, alleys and crimes by Lina Wertmüller, and pass with extreme ease from international productions to Italian television, memorable the Strega Bianca of “Fantaghirò”. On the sets they often tugged, insulted and beaten her as happens to the protagonist of “Carne Tremula”, to the Conchita of “Quell’oscuro oggetto del desiderio” or to the former prostitute Nunziata of “Un complicato intrigo di donne”, alleys and crimes, but for her “cinema is life”. In Italy he worked with the great masters of our cinema such as Elio Petri and Gillo Pontecorvo, Marco Bellocchio, the Taviani brothers, Giuseppe Tornatore, and when she can she comes back often and willingly: “The other night walking through Rome, I thought to a moment of seeing Lina Wertmuller! ”


What memories do you keep of the Italian years?

The memories are always the people I’ve worked with and the people I’ve met are like a “map of life”. For me they are always like a gift and the more time passes the more precious they become.


Press Office Credits: Reggi&Spizzichino




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