Simply pungent, dissecrating, at times irreverent but …, above all, free of head and mind. Comparing it to a book is very easy, so much “that you literally throw yourself into it” while he bobbing over the words, loves to show himself mocking, cynical and cutting more than a sword! Then this thing of not feeling like an art critic: “No, no, I don’t steal anyone’s job, I’m a curious person who was an art dealer in the past, even overseas.” Someone has observed that art is useless and yet it is important. “Oh my God … I don’t know who said it, among other things there are many who survive. I would observe that it is a glue since the inheritance, we had, is something that makes us absolutely irreplaceable. And no one in the world has the fortune of such a complex legacy, as no one in the world has treated it badly as we have treated it badly every now and then. Although I have the impression that for about ten years now there has been greater sensitivity on the matter. ” And nothing detracts from the fact that there are various facets in this regard. “Well … I can bring a comparison like that of holiness: when Saint Teresa of Avila was asked the difference between a large and a small Saint, the answer was that of a small and a large glass, but both full! Therefore, let’s move away from the didactic project since everyone finds the mirror of themselves by becoming cultured. Because learning is needed. ” A sassy smile like a buzzing cricket, while he goes on to say that art is not definable, but the artist is. “Because art is a virus, and also perception … said by a cultural anthropologist who has even known the Chinese world. The sea, dear lady, must be looked at not to look at it but to arouse other sensations of what you are looking at. Therefore drive of the energy soul! This is a varied sector… in the world you can find artisans, shamans, gurus – let’s think of the agreed success – in short, pure anarchy and… coincidentally, anarchists can also be nice to me! ” A little adjustment to the waistcoat, some passing greetings, those who are waiting for him for the usual photo, he who collects various documentation, up to those extended pleading hands that .. the interview must end!
Got it, professor, got it. Last question. In this world dominated by food … Can we also talk about the art of food?
“Absolutely yes … even if we distinguish agriculture from culture, as if they were two different things, while instead they are parallel. Basically two elements that characterize our behavioral anthropology. In short, the same idea of living and eating.”
A must at this point: ‘glasses to the stars!’

Carla Cavicchini