«To live and to celebrate beauty»

During your life you have to do three things: a son, to write a book, to plant a tree.

by Umberto Garibaldi


Speaking with the young actress Claudia Conte, I immediately realized that my interlocutor is a woman out of the ordinary, especially when speaking she used this phrase: “During your life you have to do three things: a son, to write a book, to plant a tree”. Despite her young age, her life has been a mix of extraordinary adventures, to say the least, of the three things she only needs to have a child! To date Claudia has already written three books and has the fourth in her drawer. “Frammenti rubati al destino” marks the literary debut, it’s a poetic outline where verses of different rhythms and cadences feel the infusion of passion and desire. Elements that with love, imagined or real, become one, while disruptive like rivers in full drag the reader into the truest, uncontaminated, primordial emotion and that has no chains. “Soffi Vitali”, re-edited in December 2019, is an epistolary novel that shows an extraordinary literary artistic maturity, following in the footsteps of great classics; while “Il vino e le rose” brings with it a novelty in the world of writing, a hybrid so to speak neither wise nor novel, but an excellent mix of the two, from which you can perceive the soul of the author, without a doubt full of complexity.

By continuing to talk to her, her desire to “live and celebrate beauty” emerges as she defines them. By beauty means everything that can cause emotion by teaching something. Beauty is linked to the soul before the body and it is certainly the absence of vulgarity, selfishness and superficiality. Her artistic choices in fact never banal, from a very young age she represented classic texts, from Shakespeare to Chekhov, and she is always active in the social sphere. She joined Loretta Goggi in the award-winning shortmovie “Sogni” which deals with the theme of Alzheimer’s disease, which is talked about and little known, and soon we will see it in the cinema in “Resilienza” film on femicide, a social scourge of our times. Returning from the filming of “Shall the last be…”  in which she plays the role of a beggar rich in love.

Convinced that in cultural exchange and respect for diversity there is an opportunity to improve one’s soul and society as a whole. The values ​​of loyalty and justice are the basis of her life and that is why she never compromised with anyone for her career. “The most beautiful achievements are those that you get with commitment and sacrifice” has not sought the shortest way to be a character, fight for his initiatives and carries them forward with pride. La Conte tells me how it was an honor for her to be able to bring her first works around Italy and beyond. Recently she was in Toronto at the Italian community in Canada within the ICFF.


The next leg of her endless journey is Argentina, her destination. Together with the orchestra, La Conte will stage a theatrical reading in the Lobos theater inspired by the adventurous story of her family, who emigrated to Argentina in the difficult post-war years. Her work written for the occasion tells me to be a way for her to carry out some teachings and values ​​that she herself never fails, “there are things that must always be disclosed”, she speaks to me of family love and that for a God who, despite not being seen, guides our actions. In the end of our amiable conversation, Conte told me about her latest theatrical experience alongside Pino Calabrese, “Racconto d’amore” curated by Angela Prudenzi. An engaging sentimental itinerary that reconstructs some of the many faces of this complex and timeless feeling. Claudia embodies several women, from Catina by Bisbetica Domata to Kitty by Anna Karenina to Frida Kahlo. “On the stage and behind the camera I can be a thousand women, a thousand characters, but in real life I am always myself, a young woman with her weaknesses and frailties and with a heart full of love”.