Wake up, don’t you realize that the sun is shining. Get up, take your dreams beyond the sea.

by Gino Morabito


In a context of refined elegance and worldliness, the Italian capital of the fashion industry inaugurated Daria Biancardi’s new project of 45 rpm project.

In the sparkling setting of Milan, the city of great opportunities, the performer from Palermo opened the Christmas festivities as the singing guest at the exclusive event organised by Dolce & Gabbana. The vinyl of “Come una danza” was presented on the occasion of the traditional annual festival between Saint Ambrose and the Immaculate Conception.

Encapsulating the moving voice of the Italian lady of soul, the vinyl, realised and produced by Gianfaby Production at the Phono-Press International ltd of Padua, (licensed by Rossodisera Edizioni Musicali limited partnership, coordination by Leopoldo Lombardi), presents side A with the magnificent “Come una danza” feat.

Dinastia (written and composed by Cassandra Raffaele – Edizioni Musicali Leave Music/Sugar Music) and side B with an outstanding reinterpretation of “Gloria” which was already applauded by Umberto Tozzi. The single in vinyl version is a passionate singing performance in which the winner of the XII edition of New York Canta – an Italian Music Festival in New York, embodies the positive thought, that unshakable will to throw the heart beyond the obstacles.

«When Cassandra Raffaele proposed the piece to me I felt it was perfectly tailored to me, because it deals with optimism, resilience, taking dreams beyond the sea… and it is what I try to do every day, in my life. “Come una danza” is a song about me».


To best represent her most recent song, Daria Biancardi entrusted her first project completely in Italian to the mastery of Riccardo Piparo (co-founder of Ti.Pi.Cal.) who edited the arrangements, and Maurizio “Dinastia” Musumeci (already author for Marco Mengoni e J-Ax), who embellished the piece with an exceptional featuring.

Meanwhile, Daria’s social commitment as student nurse of the Italian Red Cross continues and she wears the “red jacket” as a civil volunteer. She is one of Drops, a voluntary organization of Palermo which operates in Kenya, and her dream is to set up a foundation in support of the weakest and needy.


She loves languages (besides Italian and Sicilian, of which she is proud, she speaks four languages: English, French, German, Spanish); she has studied the history of clothing and is fascinated by the 18th century Enlightenment.

When she was a child, she used to wear a tutu and dancing shoes to dance on her toes, but her passion for music overrode her love for dancin. The same music which sees 2020 enlightened by the rising star of Daria Biancardi who, with the heart full of emotion and gratitude for the ambitious goals she has achieved, is getting ready to have a heady artistic season fitting her musical soul.