by Gino Morabito

“In the end it all revolves around that, the emotions”

G by Gino Paoli and G from Genoa, a city that identifies the belonging and poetic feeling of a prized chansonnier of Italian author music. Elegant, refined, gruff enough to fuel the charm of a unique and unmistakable voice which, as it ages, improves like good wine.

Gino Paoli tells about himself through the notes of a long journey into memory, made up of images that leave their mark, of those smells that recall childhood, of American voices from the war … when his long love story began with music.

During the Second World War, after listening to regime music for years (the only one allowed), the first notes I heard were those of Luis Amstrong, and it was love at first sight. I used to exchange the tomatoes from our garden for the vinyls of American soldiers … The music that came out of those records was above all jazz, which influenced me a lot. As well as the opera influenced me, because I grew up with a father who was passionate about opera who sang romances. When I started making music, as now, I didn’t think about writing history: for me, singing was the need to express something.


Between interrupted songs and memories that emerge from the grooves of a crackling vinyl, we imagine him in a room that no longer has walls, where to exercise the freedom to express oneself. Still there, throwing away all conventions to get to the essentials.

For me, music is the need to express my emotions. I believe that feelings and emotions are the most important things in life and automatically, when I write, I look for them where they are born. Once Aznavour told me: “In the end, when you write the themes are always the same, Eros and Thanatos”. I quite agree, because basically everything revolves around that, emotions.

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