«I’m simple and sunny, but I don’t let anyone put their feet on my head»

The portrait of a simple, ambitious, determined girl, as the same model, singer and actress from Cantù likes to describe herself. Between photo shoots, recording studios and installation theaters, a breath of freshness comes light on the pages of Red Carpet. Greta Ray, twentyone years old, very blonde, in full ascent.

by Gino Morabito


Free time reduced to the bone but enthusiasm for the stars, expressed in an artistic path that has become a choice of life.

It all started at the age of four. There was an ad in a newspaper: they were looking for a girl for a shoe advertisement for a well-known Italian weekly, my father replied to the ad and I got the job. I still remember my very long blond hair and the big tears when they had to comb my hair.

Arm in arm with Max Cenatiempo and Martin Moog of MMG Trend Production, the start of a professional collaboration and friendship that projects our rising star into the firmament of fashion style: hundreds of shoots in Italy and abroad, testimonials for Easily Jeans , prestigious advertising campaigns for But Not, Drdcrn, PS Made in Tuscany, Soufeel, Quarto di Luna, Qdl … Not bad for a performer who, through her own image, manages to interpret the multiple facets of a young woman.

A woman can be nice, sweet, sexy, sensitive, ironic, provocative … Photography, like music and cinema, is an art form that allows you to communicate a mood. I cannot stand those who take it for granted that if you publish photos in intimate or artistic nude, you are necessarily a bad person. A person is like a book, before judging it all the chapters must be read. You shouldn’t just stop at the cover.


Greta Ray refers us to the image of a workaholic and hyperactive girl, who loves to present herself impeccably and does not seem to worry at all about the glossy rivalry between models.

Each person is unique in style and appearance. Making war does not lead to anything constructive, also because you are chosen based on the personal taste of the photographer, the stylist or the person who hires you for a job. As far as I’m concerned, I’m going straight on my way.

A road paved with followers and admirers who assiduously follow it on social networks, making them break through the threshold of 450 thousand.

What I try to do with my followers is to always make them participate, sharing my works with them. I don’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t do, everyone is free to manage their life as they see fit.

The typical working day begins with a shooting at eleven in the morning and without realising it is already midnight, when you go to bed destroyed. The practice is punctuated through the inevitable training sessions to better define the body, the study of singing and acting, the choice of shots to be published, the management of social media, the breefing with the event organizers, the interviews and the hosts… and the dessert after dinner, which must not be missing.

Having a very intense life, when I have the opportunity, I prefer to be a typical pajama, slippers, sofa and TV.

Simplicity, optimism, stubbornness. Attitude towards life and peculiar characteristics, which help our Greta in solving problems and finalizing each project. Let’s imagine that music and fashion have also played and continue to play a decisive role in its human and professional growth…

Music and fashion have changed me drastically, also as regards the character side. I was very shy, I was ashamed to call the waiter in the restaurant or answer questions in the classroom. Today I am a “new me”, solar and determined, and I do not let anyone put their feet on my head.

Greta smiles. And the game starts.