She is a convinced champion of a real equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. Janet De Nardis is the creator and artistic director of the Digital Media Fest. For years, it has put its high cultural and entrepreneurial competence at the service of the world of the web and the new frontiers it has opened.

by Umberto Garibaldi


She was the first, in fact, to create an exhibition in Italy dedicated to webseries and digital products, realizing that the moment had finally come to recognize the same dignity and prestige of film and television products.

Her professional commitment has always been characterized by a deep sensitivity towards the social. The Digital Media Fest, as well as the university lessons (her was the first course, at La Sapienza in Rome, of “webseries and multimedia products” in Italy) and the workshops held throughout Italy, have a precise and noble purpose: education to a conscious use of the web and the fight against rampant phenomena such as cyberbullying and internet addiction. Acute observer and analyst of the world of the new generations, through his review, she has formed and launched real “web stars”, but also “talented creatives” who, more undercover, have then crossed the borders of the world of web products to also affirm itself in the film and television industry. She is a convinced champion of a real equality of rights and opportunities between men and women, Janet De Nardis has worked concretely to give full realization to the development of a modern and continuously growing female model.

Punto di rottura is your first directorial work, won the audience award in Cortinametraggio. How the project was born and why the choice of this title?

It’s a story that stems from a reflection developed with Marco Passiglia, a comedian and author, but above all a friend whom I respect very much. With him we have chosen to talk to the world about a theme such as that of safeguarding the planet from a different point of view: a realistic and frightening future lived by a couple imprisoned at home for an indefinite time because the air is unbreathable. The only one salvific element appears to be technology, with a virtual reality that makes everything more tolerable, at least until body and mind feel the need for truth. The title “Punto di rottura” is explanatory of the basic concept of the story: there is a moment from which it is no longer possible to go back because something breaks. It happens in human relationships, but it happens with any other relationship, even between that existing between men and nature.

What is cinema for you?

It is the possibility of making emotions live forever, it is more than a beautiful photograph because inside there is the whole narration, the atmosphere told in its evolution, the pathos of the protagonists in which we identify ourselves and the possibility of infinite living lives and reality.

In two months another project of yours has conquered the web with over 40,000 views, I’m talking about Obiettivo economia. Why is financial education so important?

I must say that the last few months have been dedicated to creativity and directing, with great satisfaction. Objective economy is composed of 5 videos on the themes of ESG, Investments, insurance, taxes and pension funds, treated in an ironic way with comic actors and web talents such as Leonardo Bocci (Actual), Angelica Massera, Marco Passiglia, Fabian Grutt, etc…

In moment like this it is fundamental to talk about financial education to grow a new generation of more aware citizens and to approach, with a smile, the older ones to issues that sometimes they are ignored, but which are essential for spending your money well, investing it in the right way and avoiding scams or misunderstanding.

You also supervised the direction of the video “Italians in becoming” by Stella Jean. A return to the world of fashion?

Stella Jean is for me the emblem of a fashion that goes beyond any trend, but that is always refined and unique, as well as being eco-friendly. Working with Stella for me has represented an opportunity to unite esteem for an artist with an important battle, that against racial discrimination. Through an ironic video, we launched a message that found support from the National Office of Racial Anti-Discrimination of the Prime Minister’s Office. It is essential to remember that the enhancement of the diversity and uniqueness of each of us are a world heritage site.

After your first works as a director, what can you tell us about your new role?

It seems to me the logical evolution of a step-by-step journey. I believe that the director is the “big eye” of an entire project; he is the one who loves the idea often before it is completely written and is the one who has the task of make everyone fall in love with the film, from the crew to the cast to the audience. I have always taken care of what I do in detail and I love taking responsibility for the success or otherwise of a project I work on, so getting to the director is the best gift I could ask at this stage of life have the opportunity to mature more and more in visual language and to be able to tell many stories that excite and help others to live with the same enthusiasm that I found among the directors who the more I loved.

How important is creativity in your life?

That’s all. We are creativity, we invent ourselves every day through our choices and the more they are away from the schemes (while respecting the rules and the next), the more creative they are. The life of a mother is pure creativity; is to discover and rediscover one’s resources by inventing ever new ways to stimulate the other, that is the individual who makes our heart beat faster and for whom we desire happiness and freedom.

In difficult times, where do you find the strength to go on?

Always in the affections and beauty of our world. When I am sad (and there is no Coronavirus) I walk the streets of Rome, the city where I proudly live, and I feel the energy that comes from art and history. When I need comfort I am fortunate to have a wise man full of love and true friends close to me who have been part of my life since I was a child and know good qualities and flaws in my character. With the people who have dotted my existence, I have always found the strength to face new starts, to rise from the most ruinous falls and to rejoice in the many wonders that this reality has offered me. In short, I am aware that this life is a roller coaster and that you have to hold fast both on the descents and the steepest climbs, but also that there are moments when it is important to abandon yourself to the unique and unrepeatable panorama of that single moment.

You are apparently a very confident woman, what are your weaknesses and fears?

I have no great fears except losing those I love. As a frailty I experience moments of fatigue with nervousness, in the restlessness of not being sure that I will not lose the things that make me happy.

What look do you have on your past and how do you see the future?

Looking back I smile with tenderness at my “me” of youth and I am proud of the path taken even with the mistakes dictated by excessive rigidity and idealism, while I see the future without great certainties. We live a complicated reality, a world in total evolution, a social life that will be completely transformed and hugs will be a truly precious asset. Now I am focused on my role as a mother, a wife and therefore also a woman who, working, pursues values ​​that she wants to be an example for her family. Where possibl , I will try to choose only things that make sense ethical and positive.