by Gino Morabito

«I opened Becco more than twenty years ago, I think the rest is history»

From America he took his entrepreneurial vision, from Italy the love for beauty and the passion for what is now a consolidated business between food and wine. The restaurant man with the guitar continues to describe his life in three words: optimism, ambition, rock. Keeper of those rules of success inherited from his father, Joe Bastianich managed to win the hearts of the public, becoming one of the most beloved protagonists of the TV of both worlds.

The message comes loud and clear from those who certainly do not send them to say.

The strong message to be launched is that of optimism, despite everything. The will to share joy and positivity even in a delicate moment like the one we are experiencing.

A period during which to introspect, summing up an entire existence.

This period is teaching us to be happy with what we have, to enjoy the closeness of others, to consider ourselves lucky if we are healthy.

To definitively archive 2020 and throw your heart over the obstacle.

What has just begun will be an uphill year. For the catering, travel and live entertainment sectors … A 2021 to be faced, however, with great optimism, under the banner of recovery. Because after every moment of crisis, even the darkest one, there is always rebirth.


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