by Giuseppe Savarino

I have always imagined Romeo Conte as a character who escaped from a film of the best cinematography by Federico Fellini and Giuseppe Tornatore; a contemporary patron who stages the best talents in the Italian cinema that never disappoints. A true daydreamer who with his burning passion inspires and nourishes the dreams of others. Its events bring art to people in a unique dimension of humanity. Multifaceted and visionary. It began by enchanting the fashion public starting from the 80s, transforming the fashion shows into real movie sets that have left their mark and are still talked about. Today his heart is for the cinema to which he dedicates himself without reserve, representing the seventh art in its most beautiful facets, ranging from its festivals, (PFF Prato Film Festival and Sa.Fi.Ter) to the refined direction of shorts and feature films, up to at the corporate cinema. His commercials have the ability to reach the innermost chords of the soul, transforming brands into unforgettable stories. For Red Carpet magazine he opened the doors of the heart in an emotional flow of memories, letting us tiptoe through the pages of his life.


Are the “stars” really unattainable?   

The characters of the world of cinema often are; you realize it when they arrive at the Venice or Cannes Film Festival and parade on the red carpet. But behind all this, few know their life as inmates 24 hours a day, without the possibility of going for a coffee, taking a walk in the middle of the city, without being besieged. Therefore, I try to restore a human dimension to this world of dreamers and creatives that starts from the heart, from the belly.

That’s why you breathe a human dimension in your festivals    

I’m interested in creating a mixture of established characters and characters in the making. The breaks from the stage are punctuated by pleasant rituals, lunches, dinners and meetings in unexpected and always fascinating places, a banquet where people come out, not just the characters.

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