«My change is continuous»

Waiting to see her again in Alba as “DOC – Nelle tue mani“, we interviewed Silvia Mazzieri, facing her path, made of conquests and aspirations.

 by Maria Lucia Tangorra


«Acting is being real, honest. The public doesn’t love you or identify with you just because you have a beautiful face or a beautiful body. He loves you for the honesty of your soul». This is the quote that Silvia Mazzieri has chosen for her page on the agency (Volver). «Since I was a child I have always been very fascinated by the art and great sincerity of Kate Winslet. She is one of my favorite actresses, along with Natalie Portman. One day, by chance, I read one of his interviews where he spoke about the acting and I immediately felt it mine. I believe that it is essential, not only in the exercise of the trade, to take care of your soul and make it as honest and clear as possible. The beauty of the body and face are beautiful gifts that God has given us, but they are destined to pass. The soul, however, does not age and is the most important business card you leave to others. The moment you value your soul, you are truly loving yourself and the people around you». Sensitive words from which a tendency to reflexivity shines through. It arises spontaneously to ask how the honesty of the soul is preserved in a world that often asks to accept compromises. «It’s cultivated by never betraying one’s ideas, one’s person and one’s feelings. I believe that honesty of the soul is built with transparency and clarity towards oneself. Both in work and in life, it is very important to know how to say no to what you do not feel suitable and compliant with your person. It is important to always remember where you come from. Only with trust and fidelity can your soul always be honest».

Silvia Mazzieri, born in ’93, received the Miss Cinema band in 2010 in the Miss Italy competition: it would be said that it was a sign. «The beginning of everything. That moment – magical for me – takes me back in time and reminds me of how far I have gone so far. Cinema, as well as TV and theater, are sacred and very important spaces where I hope to be able to test myself, slowly, over time ». She won the hearts of the general public as Silvana in “Il Paradiso delle signore”, a solar character who “gives off that lightness that we often lose”, she had revealed to us. It is natural to ask her if she still manages to keep it. «Some time has passed (2015/2016) and obviously now I feel more responsibility. The events of life make you grow and make you experience things in a more reflective and intense way. Today, I link lightness to purity. It is something that I still find in me… it is the ability to experience emotions with the naivety and spontaneity of children. I sincerely safeguard you in my way of loving people, my friends and my family. […] Every day I discover that human relationships are difficult, complicated, imperfect. Yet the relationships we have with our family, our friends, our colleagues are something absolutely true despite the misunderstandings. People are always wrong and I believe that the stories that we actors can tell highlight precisely the human fragility and imperfections that each of us has: I think that telling relationships helps to discover that perfection does not exist and that we must love people as they are».

We recently saw Mazzieri as Alba in the successful fiction “DOC – Nelle tue mani”. “I was struck by the great innovation of the series right from the start. The medical drama, in Italy, had never been told so honestly, truthfully and cured as in DOC. I think that such a project is of great modernity for our seriality, also for the many beautiful messages that history offers. As for my character, I loved his purity and great simplicity. She is the girl next door and playing her brings you back to love her great strength». Due to the Covid-19 emergency, filming was stopped a few days after the conclusion. After the first four episodes are aired, we will have to wait for the other four (it is the first time this happens, usually the suspension occurs between one season and another). It will not be easy to keep the common thread with the spectators. «Unfortunately it happened and it is right to respect the measures imposed by the government. The audiovisual sector, like many other sectors, had to stop. I’m as serene as the audience is, who knows the motivations that push us to air the remaining episodes of the first season (hopefully in the fall, editor’s note). She welcomed us with much love and I am sure he will also be able to wait for us. Certainly, in this period, a series like DOC opens almost a small window on the world of hospitals and doctors who work for our health every day and in any condition. Talking about Italian healthcare which faces many difficulties, but which ensures care for all citizens is invaluable not only at this moment, but constantly».


In the meantime, however, we can see it in another Rai-branded project, “Vivi e lascia vivere”. «This title» – she reveals – «is a beautiful mantra to use in my life and in my profession. It means fully experiencing the experiences that concern us, but not only. It involves changing, risking, improving, fighting for one’s life and dreams. But it also means letting people and things around us live naturally and freely, taking everything that happens and turning it into something positive». This is the first fiction of Pappi Corsicato, a master from whom he has a lot of carpito. «He is an artist with a capital letter. It has a great intensity and I consider its direction “of author”. I tried to “steal” the rigor, the intensity and the always accurate way of working. He is a director attentive to the details and movements of his actors. He always manages to give great strength to the characters and their stories. He has a soul of the past and a pure reading as a child who punctually manages to involve you. An experience that enriched me humanly and professionally». The actress confesses that «female writing is noticeable (four women and a man are noted in the screenplay, to which is added the collaboration of Corsicato himself, edit) and is always tangible in this matter. Women of any age are told in a very profound but also innovative way. There is a great deal of attention and dynamism in every female character and it is a very important state for us to be able to dare their voice. I hope that there are more and more stories written by women that allow us to tell the female universe». Mazzieri gives face to Giada, who expresses a strong desire for emancipation, «a feeling always close to me, but also the desire to discover nuances of herself and her life that she still doesn’t know. She is a girl in perpetual evolution and discovery. All these aspects seem to me a lot. I too, like you, continually seek something that mine, free and make me feel more and more myself».

“Vivi e lascia vivere” is a classic family, with noir points and then turn into thriller. Thinking of “Braccialetti rossi” and “La strada di casa” – well-known examples of television productions that have a gender mark – Mazzieri expresses this comment: «I hope to be able to experiment with every possible genre. Our job gives us the opportunity to change constantly and I can’t wait to do it». «The theme of this series is change, in particular the possibility that each of us should give ourselves when life displaces you or hurts you and puts you in front of something you did not foresee. […] The Corona Virus forced us to change our lifestyle, to relate to others and to ourselves in a totally different and new waysaid the director. In this regard, the interpreter observes that “the change unites us all. We change skin, shape, mood continuously. It is important to live it as a possibility that we are given to grow and to experience new things. My change is continuous because I want to grow and know more and more different things. That’s why I believe in the need for constant and conscious transformation».

Credits Ufficio Stampa Silvia Mazzieri: LaPalumbo Comunicazione