by Umberto Garibaldi

Those who are writing to you right now, as well as those who are out there “fighting” daily in the wards and wards of hospital facilities, on the (semi) deserted streets of cities from North to South, at the checkouts and counters of supermarkets, have no certainty as to how and above all when this emergency will end, much less how Italy and its supply chain will return to “normal”. Those who preceded us, carrying on their shoulders the weight of the ruthless years of the war, taught us to be like trees in the wind that bend without ever breaking.

And it is exactly from there that we have to start to walk again. The partial sector reopenings and the arrival of the phantom “Phase 2” are, in this sense, a sign of encouragement and a glimmer of light that suggests a possible exit from the tunnel.

The present, however, tells us that the lockdown, which has officially entered the popular jargon and on the pages of our dictionary, on a par with the measures adopted with regard to regulation in terms of confinement, quarantine and social distancing, have and will continue to keep on stand for weeks -by the lives of millions of people. The Covid-19, better known as Coronavirus, in addition to reaping victims throughout the national territory and at different latitudes, has and is bringing the global economy to its knees, causing significant damage in terms of production, employment and culture. By narrowing the field, the crisis triggered by the pandemic has inevitably also affected the area of ​​interest in which we have been operating for some years now, namely publishing. For us who genetically belong to the independent one, which makes private sponsorships and self-financing the driving force, the loss of the main sources of livelihood made the closing and packaging of this issue even more difficult, for the record the last realized with the precious contribution of the director Maria Teresa Prestigiacomo, to whom we address a heartfelt thanks for the work done at the helm of the magazine

Despite everything, just like trees that bend and do not break, we have drawn on all the resources in our possession to try – in the hope of having succeeded – to offer you a publication that lives up to the usual qualitative and quantitative standards, even more so in such a complicated period as the one we are going through. All to try to shorten – even if only virtually – the distances, accompanying you and keeping you company in these days “at home” with a series of varied contents that we hope will meet your tastes. A tangible sign of our commitment to always and in any case make the most of it you can find in the following pages, graphically captivating and rich as usual with articles that, between interviews and insights, range from the world of entertainment and the Arts (figurative and performative) in its different variations (cinema, television, theater, painting and music) at Food & Wine, passing through Travel and Fashion & Beauty.

Just scroll through the index to realize which prestigious “parterre de rois” of names we managed to gather in this issue of Red Carpet Magazine, starting with that of Anna Ferzetti, synonymous with talent and beauty to whom we have decided to entrust an enchanting cover that depicts it in a beautiful shot by Fabrizio Cestari. Inside you can find a one-to-one that explores its career between sets and stages at 360°, to which other interesting contributions are added with and on prominent names from the vast panorama of Art & Entertainment, including those by Giancarlo Giannini, Massimo Ghini, Al Bano, Alessandra Amoroso, Andrea Purgatori, Janet De Nardis, Yuliya Mayarchuk, Enzo Togo Migneco, Marco Tullio Barboni and those of new players like Claudia Conte and Ileana D’Ambra.

In this issue I have the pleasure of welcoming Gino Morabito. Catanese DOC, editorial director of Musica Intorno (, editor at Alganews ( and SicilyMag ( We remember: Smorfia e indizi di carattere, Inkwell Editions; Giochi di squadra, Edizioni Fiordaliso; Riflessi 155, Poeti e Poesia.

His versatile writing, which over time has found further outlets in the field of literature and poetry: he has in fact the publications of a novel, Unonto, a game book, a collection of poems.

Of humble literary origins, raised on bread and Thoreau and winking at Donald Duck, he soon learned to use the pen and to diversify his writing: «now by publishing a game book, now a story, now a novel that makes you fly and even a collection of youth poetry. Inhabitant of music editorial offices, used to creative writing, I deepen the communication strategy to learn that in the end you have to write in depth, not in length. Doing the math well, forty years in a few lines. It’s a good start».

Space also for the great starred restaurant that this time takes us first to Turin to discover the secrets of Magorabin and Chef Marcello Trentini in the name of attention to detail and comfort, then to the time of Restaurant Dal Pescatore in Mantova, where the Chefs Nadia & Giovanni Santini delight the palates of the guests with the dishes of their creative cuisine.

We just have to give you an appointment at the next issue, which we hope to browse in your company, perhaps comfortably lying in the shade of some umbrellas on our beautiful beaches.

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