It is among the top producers of Franciacorta and among the greatest exponents of the homonymous consortium DOCG. We know the Bellavista Winery and its founder Vittorio Moretti, to discover a story based on quality, passion and enhancement of a territory.

by Stefania Buscaglia

Sometimes in a name there is the essence of a project and the charm of an idea. A name that tells of beauty and that through a representation with allegorical features, manages to synthesize an image and a concept of pleasant harmony.

This is the case of Bellavista, one of the most famous brands of Franciacorta and its cellars, which spontaneously takes its name from the place where it stands: a hill overlooking a morainic amphitheater that contemplates the Lake Iseo, all the chain of Monte Rosa and that of the Lombard Prealps, extending up to the ridge of Monte Orfano. A landscape of peace and beauty characterized by an ideal meso-climate (Mediterranean, sub-alpine, mild and breezy) and a mineral soil that, over the centuries, has characterized its vocation to sparkling wine.

A territory in which, since 1977, the challenge of Vittorio Moretti takes shape, an ambitious and passionate entrepreneur who, with farsightedness and enthusiasm, builds his own company, that today stretches over two hundred six hectares of property: a mosaic consisting of one hundred and seven plots distributed a leopard spot on thirteen of the nineteen municipalities of Franciacorta, it’s able to give geological and climatic variations from which to draw in a sartorial way. The types of micro-soil are even sixty-four, a real biodiversity heritage, on which a vineyard-shaped landscape winds and on which are cultivated the three vines imposed by the strict disciplinary of Franciacorta DOCG: Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco.

Vittorio Moretti, was born in Florence in 1941 “by mistake” – as he often likes to underline – and grew up in Milan. But Franciacorta is the land of his family, from which he perceives an irresistible call and in which he chooses to return to start the adventure that will lead him to build the empire we all know today. An adventure that he chooses to undertake, alongside his main activity – that linked to construction.

An adventure that starts “for fun”, following a trip to Champagne, with the desire to produce a good wine to share with friends. But, spontaneously and naturally, the “game” begins to grow as do the hectares of land and the quality of its product. In 1981 Mattia Vezzola became part of the company, a key figure in the project, and wine maker for about forty years alongside Vittorio Moretti. A decisive partnership for the definition of Bellavista style and for its rise in the world scene. An ascent that begins to present a new Vittorio Moretti, whose name is increasingly linked inextricably to the Bellavista brand. A brand that today sees in its cellars seven cuvées, with a rosé and white wines of great value, among which it is worth mentioning the excellent Convento SS. Announced and Uccellanda.

All Franciacorta Bellavista are united by a great drinkability and finesse, while maintaining a pleasant structure and olfactory and gustatory complexity. From the Alma Gran Cuvée – iconic and more natural product of the Bellavista Cellars, to the Brut Harvest La Scala Theater, Franciacorta dedicated to the legendary temple of the Milanese Opera, that expresses the artistic passion of Vittorio Moretti; from the delicacy and elegance of Franciacorta Satèn, to the seductive structure of the Pas Operé. In the extraordinary years, the extra-brut Riserva Franciacorta Vittorio Moretti is produced, as well as the magnum millesimati of Meraviglioso, made with the best of the Vittorio Moretti reserves and with the ambition to reach ever higher levels.

Each wine is made with respect for tradition and with a look to the future: these are the cornerstones of the Bellavista philosophy that is made of maniacal precision, simplicity, the search for beauty and goodness. From the vineyard to the wine, every detail is followed with care and every gesture, even the smallest, is considered decisive. Nature and man go hand in hand, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The harvest is made strictly by hand, and the use of traditional presses ensures a delicate pressing of the grapes and a particular division of the must. In spring, when the cuvées are created, Bellavista has an extraordinary heritage of about one hundred basic wine selections, part of which fermented in about one thousand seven hundred French oak barrels, some of which are over forty years old and priceless. This is the moment in which alchemy is created, the decisive step before the long wait in the bottle, concluded by manual rémuage, refinement on the careful yeasts and disgorgings capable of creating long-lived cuvée and great expression.

An exceptional project that of Bellavista that closes 2018 with an extraordinary harvest, both in terms of quality and quantity. A project that fits into a wide-ranging design known as “Terra Moretti Vino”, today led by his daughter Francesca Moretti and which includes other important companies such as Contadi Castaldi – also in Franciacorta – Petra, Acquagiusta and Teruzzi in Tuscany, Sella & Mosca in Sardinia.

Photo credits: Lucio Elio

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