BRUNO AND CARMEN – The essence of sicilian taste to “spread”

The Sicilian products of quality, to discover Sicily and its realities. Carmen and Bruno, husband and wife, together with their children, Michele, Vincenzo and Antonio, create with innovation and tradition first-rate confectionery specialties inspired by the ancient recipes of the Sicilian tradition. A tribute to the earth, to the nature to make known to the world. A fascinating story of a united and passionate family that makes anyone fall in love with their creations.

by Giuseppe Savarino
Ph Marcello Bocchieri


Carmen welcomes us with a sweet voice and a luminous smile, telling us about her company history that was born years ago thanks to her father: “Ours is a family business that began in the 70s and continues through the work of my husband Bruno who, with stubbornness and passion, has succeeded over the years in making this project grow, engaging in the research and use of natural products of the highest quality”.
The products of Carmen and Bruno win over tourists from all over the world who find themselves, by chance or hearsay, in their restaurant. They believe in the absolute quality of the raw material without the addition of anything else. Everything about breakfast, like croissants and leavened products, are made exclusively by them. Ice creams and granitas are made with exclusively natural ingredients, without ready bases. Raw materials such as pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts are purchased from local producers strictly Made in Sicily. Their continuous research led them to experiment with the creation of spreadable creams starting from the single ingredient. Through a special process they succeed in extracting the oily part of the seed, transforming it into a delicious cream. A concentrate of taste that seduces the palate at first taste.
Spreadable creams are the latest innovation from Bruno and Carmen. Carmen is enthusiastic about the project: “We especially use Ispica Sesame, a special variety that is grown only in our area. This sesame has very different organoleptic characteristics from those grown in other countries. Bruno has created a cream with a very high percentage of sesame that has become our most recognizable product. Below we have created a real line of delicious spreads using Noto’s white almond, with Bronte pistachio and a special cream made with a blend of almond, pistachio and hazelnut, a tribute to the very essence of Sicily”.
These creams have a good packaging, created ad hoc to narrate a very particular story. “My father was surrounded by women. Me, my mother and my sister grew up next to a gallant and loving man. I found this same gallantry in my husband. Bruno manages to have a creative openness and a very wide sensitivity. In his projects he is able to listen to those around him and, in this case, me! We like to share thoughts and insights. In the creation of its products, the contribution I can give is above all in tasting, in ideas, in the final harmony of taste. Packaging is a tribute to women and to Sicily, a mother, a loving and generous land. Our labels describe Sicilian women, those strong, decisive and loving at the same time, the names are all female except one dedicated to my father. They describe the strength and tradition of the earth, but also the modernity of our times with a look to the future. We bring out the noble and maternal part of our products, each of which must leave an indelible memory, almost like savoring a piece of Sicily and the love of hard-working hands that transform raw materials into emotions”.
Our Sicily is a muse. Our customers are foreign tourists. It is very important for us to show what our territory can offer. Continuous orders and requests from all over the world have given us the courage and enthusiasm to go further. Today our mission is to spread this immense heritage of flavors and culture through our creations.



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