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Living the present without forgetting what it was

Interview with the showgirl and actress

by Francesco Del Grosso

She was among the absolute protagonists of the last edition of Big Brother Vip and we of Red Carpet Magazine could not miss the opportunity to interview her. We are talking about Carmen Di Pietro, a showgirl and a famous actress from the Italian television and film scene.

The interview he gave us was the opportunity to talk with her about the recent experience in the “House”, but also to remember anecdotes and memories of his public and private life, inside and outside the varied world of entertainment.

Let’s start from the end: what were the initial expectations and what this experience as a competitor of Big Brother Vip has left you?

It left what he had to leave, which is a great popularity. But I was already convinced of this aspect from the beginning, because it was enough to think about the previous editions and the success that many famous and not famous tenants of the “House” had. I had noticed that the program like Big Brother was able to give to those who participated in a great visibility. As for me, immediately it happened that going to the market, in the gym or at the bar, they recognized me immediately and even without makeup. This is something that I like and gratifies a lot. And if it is happening it is thanks to Big Brother, Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini. But a special thanks to Eleonora Lastrucci, I can define my personal stylist, since she dressed me from A to Z, from the first to the last episode. His clothes were an added value and contributed a lot to my image.

Which – and if any were – the difficulties you encountered during the last edition of Big Brother Vip?

In my life I’ve never been on a diet and I’ve always been used to eating a lot, but healthy. In the House, however, the other roommates ate everything, including fried things and a lot of well-seasoned pasta. I act exactly the opposite and my eating habits are much healthier. For example, I am a huge consumer of pasta, but I always choose to accompany it with simple and not heavy condiments, such as a fresh homemade sauce. Then to this type of diet I associate a lot of physical activity. I go every morning to the gym and I never take the elevator, because I prefer to climb the stairs on foot. In this way they are always on the move. This is to say that my life choices did not particularly agree with most of the other competitors. This was the most difficult aspect to face within the Big Brother House, where among other things I could not even do all the sport I was used to before entering. And then there is the emotional factor. The experience of Big Brother has been very intense and has awakened in me a whole series of memories that I thought dormant. This is because in there, once you eat and do the housework, then you have the rest of the day to reflect on yourself and to think about what you did, to people who are out there, maybe waiting for you. I happened to cry a lot in the days and nights that I spent there. So many emotions resurface in the House and with them your life. As a result, your private side also comes out. This is part of the game: I too found myself crying when inside the house I thought about my children, or when having to sleep on the train cars during the transmission I remembered when I was young, once I graduated and left at home, I was forced to spend the nights on the train because I did not have the economic possibilities to be able to go back and forth from Potenza and Salerno, respectively the cities where I was born and where I lived. Lands to which I am so fond of, as I am attached to my rural origins and my past. In fact, I always talk about it, whenever the opportunity presents itself. At the time I did not have the money so I had to sleep on trains. And precisely: at the time there were many fewer trains, the races were much less and it was not the stations of today, where it is almost all mechanized.

How have you been with the other tenants of the House?

First of all, Big Brother decided to split initially into two groups: one on the train and one inside the house. So, at the beginning I could not deepen my knowledge and friendship with everyone. Then luckily they brought us together and I was able to meet all the competitors personally. I already knew some of them before Big Brother, while others had never been able to meet them before. I think I got along with everyone, even if once I left the house, going to the studio, Ilary Blasi showed me a series of clips that concerned me, in which people with whom I thought I had created a nice relationship like Simona Izzo or Marco Predolin spoke badly of me. This hurt me a lot and I was very hurt, because by nature I am a person used to say things in the face. Listening to those confessional in which those people spoke badly of me, I must admit that I was very sorry, because it was enough to have a direct confrontation to clarify any misunderstandings or disappointments.

You took part in the cast of another important reality of the Italian television program, like L’isola dei famosi; What do you remember about the shipwrecked experience?

They are two reality shows that can not be compared, because they are diametrically opposed programs: Big Brother forces you to stay day and day closed between the four walls of the House, while in the island of the famous you are always in the middle of nature, under the sun and the weather, in makeshift shelters. But there is a way and way to stay there. Once landed on the island I thought that the authors and the program managers present on site there were additional food, but I was wrong because there were absolutely nothing more than what we found. And in fact, after a few hours from the landing I already wanted to leave and withdraw from the program. I remember that I cried a lot and every morning the psychologist of the transmission came to see me to face the situation together. Then I managed to face the many difficulties. I can say years later that I have won that edition for myself and for my person. Despite the exclusion with the televoting, I left the broadcast head-on. In the days I spent on the island I managed to overcome personal and physical obstacles that I did not think I could overcome, but I did it and I’m very proud of it.

Compared to your beginnings, how do you think it has changed – and if it has changed – for good or bad television?

In my opinion it has not changed, because people remain the same. For example, Big Brother is the “mirror” of our Society and the people who are used to talk to you behind in the House, they also do it outside, in everyday life. In the House I have tried to remain faithful to myself and to behave as I generally behave in my home, with sincerity and genuineness. Television in general is the mirror of all of us, showing its strengths and weaknesses. But it is still linked to the time we are living. When I debuted with Gianni Ippoliti in the Rai programs “Le sfumature di Ippoliti” and “Spazio Ippoliti”, television was the mirror of the company of 1994. Today it is the mirror of today’s society. This is why I say that it has not changed. Society is always changing.

Did the possibility to work a lot abroad make you change perspective and look on Italy and on her society?

I worked as a model abroad in many countries such as Spain, London and Paris. They paid me very little, but it was so much passion that I did that job with a lot of emphasis and determination, because I wanted to win independence. When I came back, I did not look at the changes. For a matter of character I have never looked or judged anything but myself. Because I’m nobody to judge others. I speak only of my person, because everyone can do what he wants in his life. Standing for a long time abroad and gradually gaining independence, I realized that I could do it and in fact I did it. And of this I must not say thank you to anyone and I am very proud of it.

In your career you have taken part in many films, working with important directors like Parenti, Brass, D’Amato and Salce, but where are you most at ease?

Despite participating in several films for the cinema, I consider myself more a theater actress who loves to face the audience head on as Simona Izzo would say [she smiles]. About theater, I like the fact that it’s all live, while at the cinema, repeat the scene over and over again until it’s all right. The cinematic spectator then attends the final result and there is no real direct contact, so I prefer theater, where I have performed many times during my career. It is very exciting when at the end of a show they applaud you, but it can also happen that your acting does not meet the needs of the audience. On some occasions I have received severe failures and criticism, but these must be viewed constructively to be able to do even better.


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