«The evolution of the digital world has made out, in part, the human relationship that must be recovered»

Interview with the host super-beloved by the young and not only

We have been delighting for several seasons with “Rock ‘n roll circus” and “Radio2 Live” and we are indebted to her for the musical discoveries and the space she gives to emerging artists and favorites. Everything on air, but also for TIMmusic, thus approaching an even younger audience. Many of us will remember Carolina Di Domenico from the days of MTV and have since continued to follow her over time. From her way of telling herself, she shines in a discreet and at the same time decisive character, with a gritty and vital voice.

Maria Lucia Tangorra


Carolina, let’s start immediately from the role of radio host. What does it mean for you to convey music through the voice, also passing the humanity of the artists?

I think there is a dose of luck mixed with experience. For many years we have created this program with Pier (Pierluigi Ferrantini, leader of Velvet and his partner, nda), living this environment, so that over time we have also created friendships with artists that lead us to put them at ease and it is fundamental to bring out the human aspect. In general I think that radio can be a means of great knowledge of the most disparate subjects; doing a certain kind of musical research belongs to our work, so that from the beginning we set ourselves the goal of putting it at the service of the listener.




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