CORRECTIVE MASTOPLASTIC – When to correct a breast becomes “difficult”

dr. Yuri Macrino

As the sculptors went to choose the most suitable marble blocks to get the most out of their sculptures, so every plastic surgeon hopes to be able to act on the ideal candidate, where all the conditions exist because the operation has an optimal outcome.
This is even more true for interventions intended for the female mammary region where the “beautiful breast” must have precise characteristics to be defined as such; in fact, according to studies that have become scientific cornerstones and based on this method, the breast is considered beautiful by most people when, regardless of its volume, it is: rounded in the lower pole, with the nipple looking slightly upwards, proportionate to the rest of the figure, slightly sloping in the upper pole and visibly (not mathematically) symmetrical in the relationship between the two breasts.
Unfortunately, in our practice we are often faced with completely different situations: more or less evident asymmetries of shape, volume or size and position of the nipples, tuberous or tubular forms of the breast cone, disproportions between the mammary base and the rest of the trunk, attachments too much high or too low of the cone itself. These characteristics make the intervention of corrective mast necessary not so much and not only to increase the volume or raise the nipples of the udders, but just to give them that objectively recognized as beautiful shape. The experienced Plastic Surgeon could therefore find himself having to use a combination of breast augmentation, mastopexy, glandular expansion and fatgrafting techniques to obtain the desired result.
I remember a colleague who had worked in Sweden, and only there, who joined me for a while visiting and in the operating room: he was used to seeing all equal symmetrical breasts with a wide base, in fact his Swedish master adopted only one technique for all additive mastoplastics; after two days of visits with me he realized that in Italy the breasts are, instead, extremely variegated and every case is in itself: the surgeon must know every secret of every technique to bring home the desired result. Obviously, in such cases, clear improvements are guaranteed, but rarely is a perfect result, even though they often manage to approach it with only one intervention, rarely with two or more. It is therefore good to inform patients who need such interventions, that their path will be extremely personalized and more complex than routine interventions, but equally satisfactory. The value of one’s breast in the feminine conception is such that I can affirm that I have never seen patients so grateful to me as those who underwent corrective mastoplasty; for the surgeon another challenge, for them another life.



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