«Beauty is subjective»

Cristina Marino has the particular and intense beauty of Brigitte Bardot. Yet, if you ask her how she feels, she replies that she does not believe she is beautiful. He tells you that you do not look in the mirror every morning and say: how beautiful I am!

She is, simply she is so. It is told with honesty and determination but never defines good or beautiful. It is defined objective, determined. It defines a girl who is committed to being the woman who will be

 Anna Chiara Delle Donne

 Emanuele Ferrari – Maria La Torre


Welcome Cristina, you have recently starred in the film Tafanos, aired on Sky. What kind of experience did it represent for you?

Yes, this film was a weird movie. In Italy it is difficult to produce this film. It’s a genre film that I really care about, a very special monster movie. I acted in English and it was a great test for me. I am very happy to have been part of this project.


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