DANIELE LIOTTI «The courage to love»

A man, an artist, a father. Infinite roles for a face that looks like a treasure chest to be discovered, contemplated, understood. Daniele Liotti has a lively and intense core of art and life within him. His long career, meetings and discoveries. Everything he tells me is a journey into his world. When you think of Daniele Liotti, you think about ‘courage’ that comes from the Latin word ‘cor’ (heart) and from the Latin verb ‘habere’ (to have). So, brave is he who knows how to live with his heart.

by Anna Chiara Delle Donne


Welcome, Daniele. You are back on TV with the new season of “Un passo dal cielo”. How would you present your character to those who don’t know him yet?

Francesco is a man tied to a heavy past that continues to influence the choices he makes in his life. He lost his son, he lost his wife. He is a character who seeks an inner redemption. He has great difficulty in letting go. He believes that he cannot afford to love. He believes that happiness is not something right. The pain he feels forces him to a life without serenity. He must fight his guilt. Francis is humanly generous, has a great sense of justice, of duty. He exorcise his pain, helping others.


The world of Francesco meets the world of a young ethologist called Emma and from that moment they fall in love and this can alleviate the pains of Francesco…

Francesco feels great emotion towards Emma. Emma is the only person who explores her world. He knows what it means to be afraid of being happy. Emma made the choice to live everything intensely. Francesco admires this woman. This season, the love story between Emma and Francesco has a well-defined line. Everything will happen. Francesco’s fears will be exposed. There is a desire and an attempt to be happy.




The silence of your character affects. How important is it to show a silent character on television?

My character is a man who has a great inner world. He is not willing to share it with everyone. Not because he doesn’t think of others, but because he is afraid of being inappropriate. Francesco has a great humility, a great privacy. The possibility of showing and not showing his weak sides and his fragility is one of the elements that encouraged me to accept this role. His silence is a strength, one of the things I like so much.

“Un passo dal cielo” has allowed you to discover a wonderful land like Trentino Alto Adige. How has nature helped you to interpret the interiority of Francesco?

Shooting in Trentino Alto Adige allowed me to contemplate the strength and grandeur of the nature that surrounds you. The contemplation you live, you internalizes it. While you going around in these places you do spiritual research. All the moments of emotion, of the interiority of the character are one with the outside. Many scenes shot on stilts see Francesco living his solitude totally. In those moments he was useful to have such a nature around. Whenever you are in contact with it there is a sensory explosion and a profound contact with those places. All this helped me to stay with myself on the set and off the set.


What messages will viewers be able to take in this new season?

In this season, some characters will be addressed for the theme of fatherhood. My character, despite having lost his son, still remains a father. He decides to face his pain. “Un passo dal cielo” wants to convey to the viewers the courage to love, the strength to free themselves from their chains knowing that love can involve risks and pains. We must let ourselves go and believe in what we have inside. We must let ourselves go towards the people we love, our friends, our children. There will be a lot of space for friendship. Francesco and Vincenzo will open up to each other and will discuss about some topics in their lives.


You are in Portugal to shoot the film “Un figlio di nome Erasmus“ by Alberto Ferrari. Tell me about this project?

I’m shooting a comedy on the road and I’m very happy about it. It’s the story of four boys, now men, who are informed of the death of an old flame they had known during Erasmus. The four felt real feelings for her and now they have beautiful memories. Having heard the news, they learn of a legacy that the woman leaves him: a child. This child could be all four. The story is fun as it is a comedy, but there will be cathartic moments for each character. Each of them sees their own life, their mistakes. They rediscover the value of friendship. I’m shooting in Portugal. This land is very beautiful, I really like the climate. I enjoyed the food and the people who are friendly and hospitable. I’m experiencing a nice atmosphere and I’m enjoying myself. I really wanted to do this experience and go back to the cinema with a project like that.


After the experiences and emotions felt during these years, what does acting mean to you and how has it changed you?Acting is a magical moment in which something unique happens. All the cells in your body go crazy, there is an incredible form of electricity inside you. All of this flows into the emotions that the character experiences. You feel that those emotions exchange with the public. This kind of magic is unique, few other things in life can give it to you. Acting gives you an incredible sense of fullness. I always say that I am a shy person, but I could not do without this job. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. This work allowed me to travel, learn about the world, learn many things, read books, listen to stories. My job made me grow humanly and always allowed me to test myself with people. It gave a great variety to my life. I’m not a habitual person, my job gave me a nice balance.


I know you would like to be a director, why?

I’m shy and introverted. When I act, I have to work a lot on my emotion. I would really like to be a director because I would like to direct the actors, since I know what you can try in front of a camera. I would like to help them bring out their emotions. I have ideas and I’m working on it…


Now, what do you want to wish the man you are and the artist you will be?

I want to continue growing as an actor. I hope I can change the characters I play. I wanted to wander and to tell different men. Do you know what I think? When you are a father, you think about your children’s happiness and then about yours. So, if my children are happy, I’m happy too.



Photo credits: Fabio Lovino

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