by Giuseppe Savarino

“Chi si ama lo sa, serve incanto e realtà.”
Laura Pausini “Io Sì”

We live in a historical moment of unexplored and changing scenarios, plus we are emerging from a pandemic winter that has imposed complicated choices, but at the same time even more stubborn hopes. Now it’s time to start again, with an unprecedented force that innervates every layer of society: work, art, entertainment, tourism, small and large events, everything. Battles for rights are a trending topic among the media and social networks. We discuss the value of words, which can hurt, but which can also caress. The public returns to populate the exhibitions, cinemas and theaters: art returns to flourish and the show rekindles the spotlight. Summer awakens the desire to go back to travel, to go to public places and clubs and restaurants come back to enliven the nights of this rebirth.

The common denominator is the desire for freedom and proximity. A painful and slowly rediscovered freedom, which characterizes the very essence of the human being. And it is precisely human nature that allows us to express ourselves and act, rediscovering what we believed lost, perhaps, that wonderful and saving humanity to which Diane Warren was inspired in the writing of the text “Seen”, which became “Io Sì”, soundtrack the film directed by Edoardo Ponti with the masterful interpretation of Sophia Loren; the song that Laura Pausini has brought to the top of the world in recent weeks, between the nomination for the Oscars and David di Donatello and the victory for the Best Original Song at the Golden Globes 2021.

«Chi si ama lo sa, serve incanto e realtà. A volte basta quello che c’è: la vita davanti a sé», therefore, is what echoes in our cover story, as a warning to feel important and to reach new and unthinkable goals. Iconic and unstoppable, Laura tells Red Carpet Magazine what the recipe for her success is, a theme of humanity, enthusiasm, passion and tenacity that also recurs in the stories of Alviero Martini, Jessica Notaro, Valeria Altobelli, Tommaso Gioietta and other famous guests of this number. The characters that you will find by browsing the pages of our magazine, in fact, testify how each path is made up of small and large steps, of stops and restarts, of decisive stages for achieving a goal. The phoenix dies and is reborn and we at Red Carpet magazine want to tell this bright rebirth.