The summer we are going to live will certainly be different. It will be different to go to the beach, to go out with friends, just as dinners at the restaurant will be different and above all it will radically change the way we travel.

by Umberto Garibaldi

As we well know, in fact, the borders of many parts of the world are still closed and therefore, not being able to travel to distant and exotic places, we will have to ‘be satisfied’ with the most beautiful country in the world. We will certainly miss the scents of a distant world, made of news, adventure and new places, but what is sure is that summer 2020 will be the perfect opportunity to rediscover the splendid cities of art that make our country so unique. Taking a trip through ancient villages, Apennine landscapes and characteristic woods, then going for a dip in our beautiful seas and lakes we will rediscover the pleasure of traveling enjoying what foreigners have always envied us, a country like Italy. We will create new adventures, I am sure, and we will leave to discover Italy and no corner will disappoint us. In a period like this, we learned to look at our normalcy from a new perspective. Lifestyles and commerce are new, just as our way of seeing the world is new: observing distrustfully overcrowded places and preferring instead the tranquility of quieter places. We learned to wear a mask to protect others and ourselves and, despite the heat, we continue to respect the rules because we have learned, even more, to respect life. We are aware that we will live our moments of leisure in a different way: cinemas, discos, theaters are changing, but the desire to give emotions that is not, a virus will not be enough to stop it. E-commerce has undergone a radical development and we, on this, have already found ourselves prepared, because our magazine was already available for purchase online. What we are sure of, however, is that this will be the summer of the restart, of those who have not fallen down, have not thrown in the towel and now, full of new energy, they get up ready not to miss any chance: it will be the season of those who, from difficult and unexpected moments, draw new lifeblood, new visions, ideas and projects. We all start together again because, if there is one thing we have understood, it is that we Italians do not break. Maybe we bend when the wind is too strong and nature seems to want to impose its own strength, but we don’t break, on the contrary, we anchor our roots even more to the things we love, to our values ​​and when the blizzard calms down, we bloom again ready to grasp what good the storm has left us. This is what we wanted to do in the new issue of Red Carpet Magazine which, with its interviewed guests, wants to be a hymn to life. Starting with Loredana Bertè, a true force of nature, protagonist of the cover as an example and symbol when of rebirth, strength and energy. We will continue with Renzo Arbore, a refined Italian artist who in his long career has given us wonderful performances, to continue with Gianmarco Tognazzi, a talented actor capable of interpreting each character with an unmistakable verve. The journalist and presenter Michele Cucuzza could not be missing, with his desire to start again, to get back into the game with great tenacity. Then it will be the turn of Fabio Lamborghini, Michele Carpente, Fotinì Peluso and Maria Chiara Giannetta who will open the doors to get to know their life and their projects, We will take a trip through the Prato Film Festival and we will be captured, through the pages, by notes by pianist Lola Astanova. Finally, Enzo Miccio will give us advice to start again and above all from weddings, because the most beautiful events cannot and must not be stopped. Finally, we will talk about travel and, therefore, we will lead you among the unforgettable and indispensable stages of Sicily, an island that never ceases to amaze us and of which I am a loving son.