Art in all its forms – by Umberto Garibaldi


Art in all its forms, that is not simply placed in a painting, in a song, in a film. Art that becomes art simply by existing. Marina Abramovic, a world-famous artist, has become the founder of an art made of truth and transparency: impact, body and soul. Her performances see her in first person face the human limits of pain and life.

One of her most important creations is certainly the one entitled Artist is Present, from 2010. Marina sits at a table and on the other side a spectator can sit in front of her. The spectator looks Marina in the eyes, he can shake her hands, look her in the eyes or simply remain silent. For Marina, art is defined as something “very serious and necessary”, something that is “stronger than any limit”. Marina Abramovic is the clear and immediate example of an art that crosses the limits, breaks the mold and breaks down the walls.

For Red Carpet Magazine, art is everything that can be told, tried and touched. Every day, we try to tell a reader of ourselves a direct and tangible art, capable of making us travel to worlds distant from us. For the September issue of the Magazine, we return to keep you company by accompanying you in a new television, film and vital season. We dedicate the cover of the Magazine to a sincere, human, sensational actor like Daniele Liotti who will keep us company with the new season of “Un passo dal cielo”, the successful series of Rai1. Browsing through the pages we will meet artists who constantly make art a world to discover like Valeria Golino, Valerio Mastandrea, Lucia Ocone, Michela Cescon. There are space for festivals that welcomed us to their lands during this summer, such as the Social World Film Festival. There will be travel focus.

Telling and breaking down every wall, Red Carpet Magazine tries with courage and delicacy to go through art in all its free and wonderful facets.