Valeria Altobelli talks to us about her mission – LOVE DOESN’T KILL

We have achieved an increase in physical and mental strength, in control, in exploitation, in artifice, but not in beauty, harmony, delicacy and sensitivity.

by Giuseppe Savarino

CWhat did the civilized world lack to allow this to happen?  What is lacking in our world and our time to make women find themselves forced to hide their pain behind a nice make-up or a kind smile and in the meantime suffer from physical, mental, economic or social abuse? Perhaps because the hatred of women is not only started by men but by women themselves, through a self-destructive hidden misogyny that is perpetuated precisely in the culture of gender. It is women who sometimes unwittingly expose their males to spoiled, distorted and even pathological models. How many times have we heard – “He beat me and insulted me, but I still love him” to love first of all means to love yourself. When self-love is lost, we take refuge in seeking attention even at the cost of dying. But love does not strike, it does not rape, it does not kill. “Don’t cry like a girl” have been heard too often, some boys; as if showing vulnerability was an attitude of the female gender only. The female part has been subtly denigrated ever since we are born. Are pink and blue that define the character? I do not believe. But is it so true that dolls aren’t male things? Then, ironically, that game often denied to boys, as adults is personified and grasped without respect, by certain men, when they have lost its intimate meaning; taking care of it. Men and women are different on a biological level, but the culture of genders accentuates the differences to the detriment of the other. Women have the gift of transmitting love ever since life is embodied in their belly, why limit themselves to giving life and not an example. Why not educate children, boys and girls, starting from their attitudes instead of gender? It is like a slow poisoning that contributes to separation and pain, the rules of who and what, accepted supinely without ever asking why. No law will be able to save women until they themselves have the full awareness of saving their men from the rules of genders, finally undermining the heavy legacy that has always penalized them. In this issue, among the wonderful characters, starred chefs, artists and Italian excellences, we wanted to make a profound reflection with you on the theme of violence. Valeria Altobelli talks to us about her mission and a challenge that places a light on women’s pain. The writer Mariacarmela Torchi through her novel launches a message of hope so that women become aware of what they are and not what society would like them to be. Luca Argentero talks to us about his great love for his partner and her little girl and about philanthropy with his project. The actor Mirko Frezza opens his heart by telling us about his life and his wife Vittoria, the woman who saved him. It was a difficult year, but we see a light shining on the horizon. I thank my far-sighted editor Umberto Garibaldi for the trust he places in my person even when everything seems difficult, and my mother for teaching me to transform vulnerability into strength and that kindness does not make us weaker; that the bed must be made and the dishes washed, whether you are male or female. And that dolls are not just games for girls, because one day they could be made of meat and no longer made of cloth.