It started with abnormal pneumonia in a city in central China. All in all, a small piece of news, which grows in intensity day by day …

di Umberto Garibaldi

On February 19th, Atalanta Valencia, a Champions League match, will be played at San Siro. Fifty thousand from Bergamo at the stadium, Atalanta won 4-1. Some immunologists and the Civil Protection hypothesize that it was the “zero match” and that it contributed to the spread of the infection when it was not yet known it had arrived in Italy. It is also a moment of symbolic value: a great sporting joy for a city that would soon become the most affected by the virus. Then the dramatic familiarity with the term “lockdown”, the forbidden hugs, the smiles behind the masks. A leap year, 2020, during which we encountered fear and met love. The love for simple gestures, the overturning of the pyramid of values, the radical transformation of the concept of “lost time” into “time spent”. And with love we have re-appropriated pride, courage, hope.

And it is with this renewed entrepreneurial spirit that Red Carpet Magazine goes ahead at full speed. In spite of the wind of the crisis that is raging out there and threatens uncertainty. Indeed, in contrast to those who pulled the oars in the boat, during this year, we have never stopped improving. A renewal starting with graphics, to make reading an increasingly interesting, immersive, engaging experience. Red Carpet Magazine has taken on an even more captivating and visual impact look, in step with the times and characterized by an international gaze that winks at overseas publications. Fresh and lively, elegant, enjoyable and trendy, increasingly attractive in the aesthetic-formal packaging. All this, in addition to sight, through the satisfaction of further senses, which passes through new printing techniques, reliefs, varnishes and anything else that can make the pages and covers expressive even to the touch.

In the hope of having succeeded, we wanted to make our publications an editorial product that deserves to be jealously preserved as a collector’s item, which asks you to be exhibited in a library, proudly shown to friends, given as a precious cadeau. A painstaking care that moves from the outside towards an interior rich in content. Attention to the quality of the writings remains a priority, certified by the richness in the proposed numbers that have led and continue to carry prestigious signatures and inserts.

To embellish Red Carpet Magazine a series of articles, insights, columns and interviews ranging from Art & Entertainment to Food & Wine, passing through Travel and Fashion & Beauty, telling from an extraordinarily new and original point of view the personalities of prominent declined in People. Improve to constantly improve, along the way, step by step, the stylistic code with which the magazine has moved and which will continue to illuminate our steps, to offer you a publication up to the qualitative and quantitative standards to which we have accustomed you, with the small sin of presumption of being able to overcome them.

You can find a tangible sign of our commitment to always doing the best in the following pages: just scroll through the index to realize what exclusive parterre de rois of names we have managed to collect in this special year-end issue.

The splendid, highly significant cover is entrusted to Luca Argentero who, with his Doc – In your hands, perfectly summarizes the talent and interpretation of an actor who embrace the common feeling. A feeling pervaded by profound recognition of those who, in the human spirit of service to others, have exposed themselves at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. Fashion & Beauty is embellished by the Dolce & Gabbana brand, the undisputed excellence of Made in Italy in the world. In Art & Entertainment we celebrate Gino Paoli, among the vivid memories that emerge from the grooves of a vinyl that crackles the immortal pages of a refined chansonnier of the author’s song. With Food & Wine we enter the cuisine of Carlo Cracco: tradition and innovation to outline the portrait of the starred chef who has become one of the best known television faces. A journey, among the pages of Red Carpet Magazine that takes us to Parma, the capital of culture 2021. And then again the radio host Anthony Peth who lands on Sportitalia; Francesca Napolitano and her Fashion Shopping Italy; the divas Anna Falchi, Nancy Brilli, Vittoria Belvedere; the irreverent comedy of Maurizio Mattioli and again Romeo Conte, a close friend and artistic director of the Prato Film Festival, who wanted to give me a prestigious award in the eighth edition of the film festival. A special thanks goes to our executive director Giuseppe Savarino, who with his professionalism has proved, as always, among other things, a valid collaborator, a reliable and expert travel companion on the difficult path that marked 2020. On the subject of thanks, those to the whole team of editors, creatives, photographers, translators, administrators who, with constant commitment and impeccable professionalism, make Red Carpet Magazine better every year. Together we toast to our families, to relatives, to our loved ones who are far away so that the new year can be a harbinger of change, starting with what starts with each of us. With eyes full of renewed hope, a toast to the extraordinary wonder of life. Raise your glasses.