by Giuseppe Savarino

“La felicità da quale parte si è nascosta Onda su onda verrà”.

(Loredana Bertè e Mia Martini; “Stiamo come stiamo”, 1993)


Restart. Get back in the game. A nice challenge! When everything around seems slow, at times still, it becomes essential to look inside and understand who we are and what we really want. It is a state of necessity. In this regard I want to use the word Rock as a metaphor that goes beyond the musical genre. Rock like energy, the one that springs from our truest dreams and our ambitions. Rock like dynamism, reaction speed, ability to overcome obstacles. Rock as a courageous approach to adverse situations, facing the difficulties encountered during our existence with strength and spirit. The time has come to wear headphones, turn up the volume and tune in to the soundtrack of our lives. There is no room for surrender. It is no coincidence that we dedicated our Cover Story to the Queen of Rock, Loredana Bertè. An Italian icon, a hymn to the strength to pursue one’s dreams and talent. A life dedicated to her art, her generous music is able to excite and inspire entire generations beyond all borders. The tangible example that only when we remain faithful to ourselves, clinging with all our strength to the best part of us, can we overcome everything and be reborn each time better than before.