FALLINLOVE – Jewelry without taboo

Imagine to wear whimsical, original, funny jewels, holding important significance and have a phallus shape. Yes, you understood correctly! Raffaella Sudano, a young woman from Pozzallo, near Ragusa in Sicily, had this unique idea, shocking at first impact.

by Giuseppe Savarino
Ph Marcello Bocchieri

Raffaella’s project goes beyond any stereotypical idea and beyond every taboo, she tells of a woman who, like many others, embodies strength and fragility, fantasy, fun and deep values. And from these many facets comes Fallin Love, the line of lucky jewels that is intriguing the most attentive buyers all over Europe.
“It was autumn 2017 – says Raffaella – usual routine, when I came home tired, empty, dissatisfied with a job that I did not feel mine. The days passed, the sleepless nights and the dissatisfaction grew more and more. In the evening I would go home and everything would vanish in my son’s embrace: life! Being alive, the moment of the chill that comes through your back and you know you are.
“I began to research, find information, discovering with sincere wonder that since ancient times, man had brought as ornament the phallus, because the wisdom of the forefathers, free from any moral hypocrites, recognized in the male member the seed of life, fortune, good omen and not the overwhelming power of the most abject male-dominism, terrible evil of our society. And it is from this that the name Fallin Love is inspired, an Italian/English word game that means phallus in love but also falling in love”.
Why should a small foul bring luck? Where does this symbolism come from and when? It is a story that starts very far.
In the ancient and classical world and later in the Greco-Roman culture, the phallic symbol was considered the origin of life.
Anthropological and historical-religious studies agree that the cult of the male reproductive organ was associated with the cult of fertility as the seat of the generative power of nature and fertility. In pagan religions, the phallus was the symbol to which rites and prayers were dedicated and for centuries it was object of power, taboo and mystery. The symbol was transformed into divinity in some ancient civilizations.
The ancient Greeks gave the phallus the status of divinity: they worshiped it carrying it in procession to promote the fertility of the crops. The Romans represented it in mosaics and propitiatory frescoes that removed the evil eye from the house they were in. And it was the Romans who inaugurated the tradition of hanging a small phallus around the neck as an amulet.
A precious lucky charm. To be touched every time you feel a little “neglected” by good luck. Raffaella is the designer who shapes the original jewelry, she imagines them, she designs them and then she makes them realize by master craftsmen using precious
metals like gold, silver and platinum and technological materials.
A project started, as often happens, by a moment of introspection, looking for something different. “We should be proud to always carry it with us, without taboos, without hesitation. The element of nature that par excellence gives life, but also pleasure, all reproduced in a bracelet or other”. An idea that was born almost of impact, but that needed to consolidate other elements.
The idea therefore, to adopt a ludic-demystifying approach to the most anatomically stereotyped organ, the phallus, through the proposal of a fashion accessory that is not gender, so as to overcome the most bleak and sexist barriers and to give a cultural and social re-reading different from historical interpretations related to the relationship between sex and emotion.
To make people understand how her jewels want to overcome stereotypes, Raffaella decided to devote part of the income to the associations that deal with women who are victims of violence, because no one must ever transform something created out of love into something that generates hate.
“It was fundamental for me to meet with the communication studio Sava & Sava Communication in Modica – continues Raffaella – and its creative director, after having listened to me for a long time, told me: do it now!”.
And so, the project takes shape, with lightness and fun, because in this world there is a real need to break down the barriers of dominant thought, whose taboos have made the natural element that is the origin of life hostile. And in this the accessories help. The
jewels speak of us, of our inner world, they are the expression of our underwear and the accessories Fallin Love, are configured in the simplest form of nature, that is no longer hypocritically hidden but exhibited, because it really unites everyone! No longer a taboo therefore, because it is also thanks to the phallus that we exist.
“To create strong bonds – concludes Raffaella – sincere interconnections and boundaries between genders, this is my goal today”.


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