by Giuseppe Savarino

“Life is an extraordinary journey”

Step after step, the life of Alviero Martini marked a path full of discoveries and successes all characterized by an essential element for him, the journey and the sense of freedom that it represents. From an early age, he never stopped dreaming big. From the stage to his passion for tailoring, he has always pushed himself in search of beauty, with a determination that has made him the internationally renowned designer we all know. His love for life is reflected today in his commitment to a better world. His captivating story about him, which has become his autobiography “Going Far Traveling”, is a positive message that inspires one to fulfill one’s personal growth and realize one’s dreams without ever giving up. On Red Carpet Magazine, Alviero Martini talks about his extraordinary journey.

There is a day in our life when our destiny begins by choice and determination.
I still remember mine. I was little and my mother, a farmer with the ability as a nurse, she knew how to do the “bites”, she was called to the house by the count of Caisotti di Chiusano, adjacent to our farmhouse; we went up the grand staircase, found Nina, the housekeeper, who kept me at bay while my mother entered the count’s bedroom; soon after, however, Nina took me to the count, who in the meantime had asked my mother to meet me and so with him I went around the villa, up to the library where she stopped and asked me: . I, who still had in mind the commemorative plaque of the stay of King Vittorio Emanuele I, replied: . At that point, he pulled a geographical atlas from the library, tore a page of Africa, folded it and gave it to me, making me happy. But to reinforce this episode for me emblematic came another at my eight years, when I went to the confirmation of a cousin and I met an unpleasant great-aunt who told me – Here is the child so naughty! – and she gave me a little pat, sarcastically pointing out that I would not have done anything in life. I was annoyed and replied: . That day I didn’t make a commitment to her, but to myself.

ALVI C. ROSSO redcarpetBut there is also a place in our life from which our destiny must take off.

Coming from a peasant family, I had to learn, immediately, to clash with the mentality and desires of my father who asked me to go to the pasture. Of course I obeyed him, but at the same time I picked up the books and dreamed of art, tailoring, stylism, travel. Soon, however, I realized that there was a shortcut, that of lies for a good purpose and so, starting at the age of thirteen / fourteen, I began to travel, citing as an excuse that I was going to a friend for the weekend in the mountains. In fact, I was leaving for London, Paris, Madrid and all the other destinations I could find. They were the escapes in search of experiences and ideas. Upon returning, as if nothing had happened, I resumed my usual life: in the morning I went to the newsagent to make deliveries and he gave me the supplements that he did not sell and through which my culture had the opportunity to grow. Later, in addition to working at a printing shop where I did my graphic designs, I started the evening art high school, so I could go home at the time I wanted.

As you learn to fly, the sky becomes higher and more boundless.

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