Alessandra Nassima – BEAUTY TO DRINK

by Giuseppe Savarino

There are stories that have the power to inspire us, intrigue us and reveal new perspectives of living. Like the story of Sandra Nassima, an entrepreneur who has experienced the discovery of experiencing a fascinating vocation on her own skin. A project that transforms juice, beauty and well-being. In an era where stress takes on unsustainable proportions, Sandra’s idea is like a breath of oxygen: “Clean Beauty” philosophy, bio detox juices, lifting effect phytoceramides and chocolates with anti-aging pearl powder, return a new vision of beauty and well-being.


Her journey begins from the marvelous Istanbul her hometown and arrives in the States where with iron stubbornness she has managed to touch the highest levels of interior design between New York and Miami, taking care of the most glamorous environments of international luxury. A career that was undoubtedly brilliant but not entirely satisfying for Sandra, who, since she was a child, could not stand rules and dogmas. The turning point came when she began to give voice to her instinct, deeply questioning herself and reshaping the conditions of her professional life. And so, from the United States she moved to Italy to build the foundations of her dream, an innovative start-up that focuses on wellness and natural beauty. Depuravita, is a brand that embodies the sense of its mission, it is like an invitation to “eliminate” what prevents us from being healthy and happy, starting from body and mind to get to the soul. “I love my project because it is good, and this makes me happy” says Sandra – I have always been passionate about beauty in all its manifestations and I try to bring it back into everything I do. Depurativa was born to be in harmony with man, because our organism is not designed for chemistry. It is itself nature and must be cared for and nourished with nature “.

Her is a “Clean Beauty” philosophy, organic juices that have the vibrant colors of nature, and that act deeply in our body by neutralizing free radicals and toxic substances, relaunching the self-healing capacity of our cells. There is a juice for every hour of the day, because our body has different consequences in 24h. The strictly compostable and eco-sustainable bottles are a seductive palette of colors. Sandra is a charismatic person, with a great listening attitude, in telling me the various passages of her entrepreneurial history her eyes light up. Its energy feeds my curiosity to know what is the secret that leads more and more people to choose Depura Vita products; “There are no secrets, only passion, dedication and desire to connect with people. “I personally follow the production line of our organic fruit and vegetables, from the seed to the bottle – continues Sandra – The juices are cold-pressed with the pressure that gently extracts the substances without compromising the nutrients and therefore the vitality, after each squeezing the juice is subjected to a careful quality test to verify the taste and concentration of active ingredients. For us, seasonality is fundamental, we grow organic fruit and vegetables following natural cycles, because only in this way can we obtain maximum benefits. The waste from fruit and vegetable processing becomes beneficial nourishment for animals, a production cycle in harmony with the environment.