Each of us, in its own way, expresses beauty. However, the prevailing models often make us doubt this potential of ours. Thus began the chat with Laura Miglietta, holistic operator and entrepreneur that, together with her partner Alessandro Boccadifuoco, created a project that is obtaining important consensus in the cosmeceutical sector.

by Giuseppe Savarino


Eloràh was born from their passion. Innovative and powerful efficacy Skin Care formulas, molecules and active ingredients derived from nature, formulated with the collaboration of Italian dermatologists and cosmetologists with the promise of protecting and making our skin shine.

She welcomes me with a bright smile in his living room with wisteria tones, the color of meditation. In the air, a delicate perfume of flowers, amber and notes of incense. On the table, an elegant Ikebana. In the library, a lot of books, and on vintage furniture objects from travel to distant countries. An environment that reveals the curious and attentive nature of Laura Miglietta that, with her kindness, makes you feel immediately at home.

Let’s start talking about beauty and that subtle border between being and appearing. In fact, beauty has the power to change our energy. «When we feel in harmony with ourselves we smile more, our eyes shine and we are more inclined to interact with others and get involved» says Laura with her lovely Salento accent. We manage to attract attention naturally, in short, we shine with our own light. «I have always been fascinated by beauty because I have learned in turn that the safety of one’s appearance makes us feel good about ourselves and others. From here I have tried to create my own method to awaken body and mind together in order to improve our appearance and preserve our skin from the passage of time».

Areal vocation that began over twenty years ago when they opened a beauty supply business with their brother. Meanwhile Laura was studying holistic techniques and this work allowed her to get to know and experiment with infinite beauty formulas. «I tried every product on myself to understand its real effectiveness by learning about the function of the active ingredients contained in the various products, evaluating the results and the feedback from my customers». An experience that has given her the ability to make use of the best leading companies in the sector in the preparation of natural products, while giving space to the idea of ​​creating her own line.

A project strongly desired by her partner, the entrepreneur Alessandro Boccadifuoco who plays an important role in the management and positioning of the company. «We believe in cosmeceutics because we want more from our products – Alessandro intervenes – We focus on formulas that act both on the cosmetic and curative level through the use of bioactive natural molecules of pharmaceutical purity. Our active ingredients act both the surface layer and the deeper layers of the skin. For the formulation we rely on a team of highly experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists. Our cosmeceuticals are created with the precise objective of giving tangible results, protecting and improving the skin of the face and body.  The idea of ​​obtaining professional results even at home in complete safety is relevant. Starting from this concept, the company has created professional inspiration lines to be used comfortably at home. Like Rivelah and Bacolux». «Rivelah – continues Laura – is a line of products that already promises to “reveal” the beauty of face and body from the name itself. We use fruit acids (glycolic and mandelic) to obtain buffered effect peels that ensure efficacy and delicacy at the same time. Bacolux is, instead, a treatment that is inspired by ancient Japanese techniques “real beauty rituals” to obtain perfect skin. The treatment involves the use of silk cocoons to be massaged on the face soaked in a solution rich in natural peptides and sericin that make the skin immediately silky and luminous, to which is added the bio stimulating effect of carotenoids and flavonoids with extraordinary anti age power».

These are just some of the Elorah products, a young and dynamic company that wanted to be present on the international market right away by opening a first office in Milan in Via Montenapoleone, historically a mecca of luxury and fashion and beauty.