by Gino Morabito

«With my scars, the features more marked, more of a woman. I like myself!»

Singer, model, dancer, she begins very young to make her way into the entertainment world. She jumped to the headlines for the now dramatically known tremendous experience of her, she decides to devote herself to raising awareness on topical issues such as violence against women and the crime of identity murder. Today the story of Gessica Notaro is a message of strength and hope.

Leitmotiv of her life is her great passion for horses. They have always been there, at all times. Especially during the more delicate one.

That evening I was returning from the stable … Animals never judge you. You have the confidence that no matter what happens, they will always see you the same way, valuing you for your energy. The horse doesn’t care if you’re having a hard time at that time, he treats you exactly as he treated you before and this inevitably spurs you to react. At that time, with my face massacred, I found it difficult to keep my balance, because I looked at the world with one eye. I had a very strong horse and could not easily get on the saddle. That was the stimulus! While everyone sees you as the poor one-eyed one, the horse sees you as the person ever and if you want to ride it without hitting a wall, you have to fight back and fight.

Known face of the show, she is committed to introducing a law for identity murder: a penalty for those who, by scarring, take away the possibility of people recognizing themselves in the mirror, killing them psychologically.

Gessica Notaro Red Carpet MagazineToday, looking in the mirror, I recognize myself. But I also know I’ve been very lucky. They are one of those rare cases in which it has managed to preserve the physiognomy. I look a lot like what I was before. Maybe ruined, but not too different. I pursue the goal of returning to the way I was and working in that direction, but I like myself. With my scars, the features more marked, more of a woman. I like myself!

“Being a woman requires courage. Let’s change the ending ”. This is the slogan that summarizes the intentions of Senza veli sulla lingua, the non-profit association that deals with combating gender-based violence, in all its forms and manifestations.

Every day I have to deal with victims of violence who ask me for help and many of these are career women, who suffer from bullying at work by male bosses. I think that the man, not the one with the backbone, but the insecure one, the much more common type – alas – suffers from an inferiority complex towards women. In the face of so many confident men, unfortunately there are many others who need to center their ego and compete.

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