Life is essentially present and future for Gianluca Saitto: an “energetic” conception of artistic practice and fashion, which is incessant creation and relationship deriving from the deep and careful knowledge of the other and all its characteristics. A degree in Architecture and experience in Florence, a wonderful city of art, as well as attending the world where the show is born. Scenographies, stage costumes and installations in general were his virtuous “Start”. Milan did the rest, as well as the meeting with Benedetta Barzini who, among the various trajectories that her talent can travel, helped him find the best; create his Atelier. A magical place, suspended between elements that recall theater and life notes. An aesthetic that restores its high artistic value to the eyes. Today she dresses and takes care of the most iconic characters of the star system, among them the queen of Italian Rock, Loredana Bertè.

by Giuseppe Savarino


Working on your own or within the big brands is a great risk, but at the same time a great opportunity to fully test your inclinations and your ability to do, that of Gianluca Saitto was immediately a choice against a tendency from only sartorial imprint.

The manual idea has always accompanied me, even before deciding to make fashion: for me, creating has amounted to opening an art workshop. Specifically, I decided on fashion, as an artistic expression that dresses you every day in the gala evening as well as in everyday life. My clothes, therefore, are all contaminated by the elements of art modeling, rendered through the identity that gives tailoring. A ready-made garment, but tailored and always modifiable, not a mass of clothes created for the market.

The fashion market has seen its laws change and therefore the responses that Haute Couture has provided to these changes, without often anticipating and managing them with wisdom and prudence.

Today all the major brands have suddenly become visionaries: large groups that could anticipate this trend to change the course of things have not done so. Now in my opinion there is the need and the sometimes forced desire to ride the wave, enhancing the niche product. A line of thought that I have adopted since my debut going against trend in unsuspected times. Tailored garments are born from a concept, from a taste, from an inspiration, for this reason they never risk obsolescence.

Dressing the particular client or even the artist, the character of the show, does not mean proposing an abstract prototype, originated from the mind of the couturier, but rather initiating a cognitive dialogue on the psychology of the other, his needs, his communicative intentions

We meet, we talk. You try to frame the person, from the physical to what he wants; we develop a sample garment or a sketch and submit it to the customer. Since the sketch is often not understood because he is not an expert, we have the garment tested in its volume and we remodel it according to what he has in mind; after which we search for fabrics, we take care of the details, up to the personalized garment that becomes one with the character “.

GThe stimulating encounters with show business characters, rock stars, artists who are also co-creators of the dress, the message and its expressive power: the examples of Gianna Nannini and Loredana Bertè

 I decline my aesthetic on them. It is difficult to find harmony, therefore you should not be touchy, but have patience, evaluate your and their ideas and reprocess them on an artistic level. If the person is negative, the creative process becomes difficult and unproductive, on the contrary if I create well, she will wear well.         In 2010 I started with Gianna Nannini who had just given birth to Penelope and had to leave with the tour “Io e te”. Her stylist asked me for help to get her whole wardrobe back on track and I did it with the possibility of creating some jackets for her and even one for her little girl. Subsequently, it was a great encounter with Loredana: a person with whom I have established a good relationship and whose generosity of heart, friendship and trust I have appreciated, her is a kindness of mind like few others.

When art is conceived as a continuous and regenerated creation, it even surpasses the stereotype of the inspiring Muse, which while remaining at a conceptual level, in artistic practice is replaced by the becoming of life itself.

I don’t have a specific muse, because each client has his own identity. Woman or man is done differently; Everyone has their own physicality, their own character and you need to be able to understand who is in front of you. I observe but do not overlook the artist. I create the clothes not for a stereotype of perfection but for real reference. If you don’t evolve with your “object” you will remain crystallized. Life is present and future and nobody can impose their formalisms on others. Everyone must always be polite but without constraints.

Gianluca Saitto between predictions and curiosities, what would you never give up?

The freedom to do what I want, curiosity, hardcover books. It is a scent that I cannot define. I like beautiful things, going to the markets, discovering and always being able to create in harmony, because disorder disturbs me in every context. If there is harmony I create, if there is disharmony no.