by Giuseppe Savarino

The irresistible elegance of being

The fascinating story of Nino Lettieri, a highly refined high fashion designer, has its roots in his childhood; the seamstress mother, precious fabrics and many classy ladies. A lucky mix that could not leave indifferent his soul sensitive to beauty. The first muses were the sisters’ dolls; pieces of precious fabric stolen from the mother’s atelier became superb mini creations. Then the meeting with Egon Von Fustemberg and Gianfranco Ferrè chiseled his refined ars sutoria. Geometric harmony and proportion are his stylistic codes. His precious dresses with a rigorous tailored construction blend with the female body, restoring an elegance capable of enhancing the essence of the wearer, which is why his name echoes in the salons of important women all over the world.

When luck plays in your favor; the instinctive need to create beauty.

My adventure started when at the age of eight / nine I tasted the entourage that was in my mother’s tailor shop located inside the apartment where we lived. I was a witness to all that activity: the ladies who arrived, the perfume they left behind when they went out, the charm that came with it. So I thought of pilfering some scraps of fabric that I used for the dresses of my sisters’ dolls, to which I ended up giving entire wardrobes. I was able to create things that were very appreciated by my mother, who believed my sisters to be their creators, until when I grew up I obviously started this profession and she understood with great pride!

Nino Lettieri red carpet magazineThe advantage of being able to experience all the initial stages of the trade and female icons.

The tailoring environment allowed me, first of all, to train drawing in which I was very good: I made fashion models without having attended any drawing school and my female icons were Mina, Raffaella Carrà and Loretta Giggi. I did not leave the house on Saturday night to follow Canzonissima, Mille Luci, Fantastico! But that was a splendid historical moment of great television! Since I was a child I have spent a lot of time stealing the trade and to this day when I cut a fabric I see my mother’s hands, whose gestures I trace with scissors or when I draw with chalk on the fabric. My sister says that I have the same hands as hers and I believe it because genetics matter a lot, as much as facial expressions, movements, posture, etc.



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