by Lucia Mancini

“In the kitchen with passion and with an eye to health: the words of chef Heinz Beck”

Among the most renowned chefs in the world, Heinz Beck has made Rome his adoptive home for almost 27 years. He tells us about his restart after this period of forced closure – with a mind full of many different projects, but united by two key words: quality and health.

Alghe, scampi e calamari

So many achievements, as well as the prestigious awards obtained, yet creativity and the desire to get in the kitchen are still far from being exhausted: chef Heinz Beck reacts to the terrible period that is affecting everyone – including the catering sector – with the passion that led him into the kitchen. And there is one cuisine in particular that owes him so much: that of the La Pergola restaurant inside the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, the hotel that offers a breathtaking view of the capital. It is here that Heinz Beck arrived in 1994 after some important experiences (which also led him outside his Germany), making a decisive contribution to obtaining La Pergola the prestigious three Michelin stars, the only reality in Rome to be able to show off.

Despite the almost 27 years spent within the walls of this place, chef Beck’s enthusiasm does not seem to have been affected by the years: “I have several parallel projects under my belt – he tells us on the phone during a break from the work for the reopening of the restaurant, took place on February 20 – I founded with my wife a company of which I am a partner, Beck & Maltese Consulting, which was responsible for the start-up of various international activities. These are projects that lead us to have a continuous development, a continuous creation of new works that require a deep study. These are all experiences that return positively to the La Pergola restaurant, enriching the work I do here»

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