Fotinì Peluso

«I transform anxiety into a source of creativity»

by Maria Lucia Tangorra


Green and deep eyes, framed by black waves of curls that recall an ancient beauty and a smile that expresses all the light-heartedness of youth. Fotinì Peluso, with such a face, could not fail to pierce the screen. Just start talking to her that you are invaded by a vortex of that energy of those who are passionate about art – and not only – and want to conquer their place in the world and at the same time be surprised.


The degree in economics will soon arrive: “Not a plan b”, he is keen to specify it, but a “good compromise to continue to cultivate the passion for acting which, until then, has been a game. This faculty, inherently analytical, taught me to be methodical and schematic, but also very concrete. It is as if the two sides of my person compensate each other. When I study I create a map of the evolution of the character or a scheme of the script “. Languages, and in particular the theater, Fotinì met them in high school through “a very serious course organized with a London theater teacher” who could only deal with Shakespeare.


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