Giammarco Tognazzi

«Raise the glasses to the philosophy of the gypsy»

by Gino Morabito

One hundred thousand bottles with six labels are a path that, started in 2015, has achieved an extraordinary result. La Tognazza is a proposal aimed at those who recognize themselves in the same philosophy of life: “Vivi e lascia vivere”, live and let live. Today the company in the Castelli Romani is its first activity, wine its independence. The story of a son who, raise the glasses, celebrates the spirit of the gypsy.

One day I asked my mother if she remembered how the idea of the supercazzola (non sence) was born and she told me that my father, a few months before filming, invited to the Monicelli estate accompanied by Benvenuti and De Bernardi, the two screenwriters. They were here to eat and drink until four in the morning every evening for a week and, during a dinner, while they were talking about what the supercazzola would look like, lost drunks began to mumble completely invented expressions. From there I understood that that wine, which is the ancestor of ours, had a fundamental role in getting them drunk and in making them invent the terms of the supercazzola.

Everything starts from Ugo, from his great foresight …

… Starting with the importance of serving, presentation and sight, elements that it brings to Italy in unsuspected times, through the French cuisine of Paul Bocuse, when nobody was still turning with the trays. As well as reinventing recipes by rereading tradition. Obviously, in his reinterpretation, some were genius, others attempts that resulted in unthinkable gambling. He loved to experiment, even in cinema he risked making characters to the limit. From Ugo still has the invention of having called this place to the Castelli Romani La Tognazza.

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