Gianluca Saitto

That fashion that listens and observes

by Giuseppe Savarino

Life is essentially present and future for Gianluca Saitto: an “energetic” conception of artistic practice and fashion, which is incessant creation and relationship deriving from the deep and careful knowledge of the other and all its characteristics. A degree in Architecture and experience in Florence, a wonderful city of art, as well as attending the world where the show is born. Scenographies, stage costumes and installations in general were his virtuous “Start”. Milan did the rest, as well as the meeting with Benedetta Barzini who, among the various trajectories that her talent can travel, helped him find the best; create his Atelier. A magical place, suspended between elements that recall theater and life notes. An aesthetic that restores its high artistic value to the eyes. Today she dresses and takes care of the most iconic characters of the star system, among them the queen of Italian Rock, Loredana Bertè.

Working on your own or within the big brands is a great risk, but at the same time a great opportunity to fully test your inclinations and your ability to do, that of Gianluca Saitto was immediately a choice against a tendency from only sartorial imprint.

– The manual idea has always accompanied me, even before deciding to make fashion: for me, creating has amounted to opening an art workshop. Specifically, I decided on fashion, as an artistic expression that dresses you every day in the gala evening as well as in everyday life. My clothes, therefore, are all contaminated by the elements of art modeling, rendered through the identity that gives tailoring. A ready-made garment, but tailored and always modifiable, not a mass of clothes created for the market.

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