It’s essential not to burn the stages


A proud and intense gaze that he places at the service of the roles he gives life to, ranging between the various genres, driven by the desire to get involved. We recently saw him in the role of Giacomo Spinelli (opponent of Lorenzo il Magnifico) in “I Medici 3” (available on RaiPlay and Netflix) and in the fiction Mediaset “Oltre la soglia”.


by Maria Lucia Tangorra


«Mental illness is still a taboo and in this series we have chosen to tell it without the comfort zone typical of Italian fiction. The traditional public made a little more “effort” (in terms of reception), but I think it’s right to experiment with new paths. The future is around the corner and I notice the attempt to create products that also have a path that goes beyond Italian borders». With pride Marchesi spoke to us about “Oltre la soglia”, broadcast on generalist TV and which we hope will be captured – over time (despite the auditel did not adequately reward) – more and more the value and quality of the project. In the same period on Rai1 the episodes of the third season of “I Medici” were, broadcast, where he compared himself with international actors, shooting in English. «When you work with artists from various backgrounds you achieve a different type of communication, with a very deep acting listening».


In more than twenty years of career, the actor has grinded the road and we wanted to retrace with him some passages perhaps less known to the general public, as the theatrical experience in which he was directed by Irene Papas and he fondly recalls: «we Italians worked with La Fura dels Baus; it was a super avant-garde company and seemed to marry little with the tradition of classical tragedy. “Le Troiane” and “Ecuba” were two different shows from each other. I was struck by the innate ability of Papas, as a Greek, to enter deeply into those works. It’s a bit like what happens to us with Eduardo».

In 2012 he was among the protagonists of “The Coast of Utopia by Tom Stoppard and directed by Marco Tullio Giordana. A real utopia «because we were 30 actors, all with minimum union wages. It was a desired operation, a show of the heart for many of us if we also consider the three months of tests. We had all made ourselves available for a complex staging which included three parts (Voyage – Shipwreck – Rescue) and maybe in one you had a larger space, in the other minor, all in the service of a blockbuster. At the center were the great Russian revolutionaries. I turned to Turgenev, who looked with distance – as a writer – at the movements, not directly participating in these human passions». Reflecting on today, with foresight he replied: «it’s revolutionary to think about the future of the next generations, not to be too cynical nor to be tied to too commercial dynamics and to focus on the basic needs of man such as eating, sleeping and rediscovering the true relationship with the other» and not only through social networks.


Marchesi is well aware of what the apprenticeship means: «I started in a theater where everyone did everything, in the installations we thought of every aspect, from the lights to the music to the work on the text. It was certainly a formative debut. When I arrived in Rome, I only started being an actor. Currently I know a frenzy in thinking of moving to the direction of the interpreters or that everyone can try their hand at dramaturgy. I believe it is essential not to burn the stages, you have to make bones and have a healthy modesty, starting from the small things so as to see how they work». Looking back on his own path, he found some keystones in 2008 and «then in 2015, when, after several series, I looked for a little more freedom so I said no, and you can regret or not, but at some point of the professional process you don’t take everything that arrives, but you try to choose only on the basis of what strikes you. Another turning point came from playing negative characters and I hope that the public appreciates the desire to get involved and not want to repeat». With great satisfaction he told us about his Sergio Einardi in “L’allieva 2”, «the antagonist who only had to lose in going to interfere on such a loved couple (made up of Claudio Conforti (Lino Guanciale) and Alice Allevi (Alessandra Mastronardi). Working on its three-dimensionality, it was a surprise to see how the public learned to appreciate it» (he will participate in the highly anticipated third season of “Lìallieva”). Another role with which he broke into the hearts of the spectators was that of Raoul Rengoni in the successful Rai fiction “Una grande famiglia”, «taking on the role, I reflected on how I react to certain situations. He was very visceral and I’m instinctive at work». Looking ahead, he confessed to us: «I would like to embody a character who is spoiled by life and in pain». In the near future (until April) the tour of “Mine Vaganti”, from the homonymous film by Özpetek, awaits him who signs his first theatrical direction. With the enthusiasm of those who want to continue to tread the boards of the stage with a show that stimulates him, he told us «for the piece I change sides: I play the older gay brother (in the cinema it was Alessandro Preziosi who gave him body). With Ferzan, an excellent exchange is created between what he proposes and what comes to us. It’s a funny story, with many comic moments and important themes from homosexuality to family relationships». On the set of that feature film and the miniseries “La strada dritta” he had the opportunity to work with Ennio Fantastichini (whose death we regret) and it’s with his heartfelt memory that we end this chat: «he was a man of absolute talent, he lived with extreme seriousness and totalising existence. I also appreciated the line he pursued: he always carried out projects because he believed in it deeply and never for economic reasons »and it seems that Marchesi wants to treasure this.



Credits Giorgio Marchesi Press Office: Factory4

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