Giovanni Squatriti


By Giuseppe Savarino

A passion that was born for ‘magical causality’ and not randomness and then translates into a real life privilege. Thus began the professional story of Giovanni Squatriti, a refined Italian fashion photographer who leads his intense life between Milan, where he has lived for many years, and the four corners of the world, where he works. A career characterized by encounters with supermodels, international actors and characters of all caliber linked as by a transparent thread that determines their trajectory leading it in a crescendo of extraordinary experiences.
As a child his father often gave him cameras and loved to take him with him to photograph the landscapes. In some way it was he who made him discover photography by looking at the world through the lens and feeding what will then reveal an indispensable love for photography. “I loved leafing through fashion magazines, I waited for them to arrive at the newsstands with great desire, I literally devoured them. In the same way I did with the discs, of which I read every single credit. An early love in adolescence was for MINA, of which I have always been a fan. It was 1996 when the album “Cremona” was released and besides the songs I was intrigued by the cover. Mina wore a very special long cloak, she discovered by reading the credits that Gianni Versace had designed it. At that moment Versace became for me the absolute inspiration of what is glamor and beauty “. Ironically a few years later, during his architecture studies, Giovanni moved to Milan and for a whole series of lucky coincidences he became assistant to the one who created the most beautiful covers of Mina, the great photographer and artist Mauro Balletti. “I started working with Mauro when I was very young. My initial role was second assistant, a role that I accepted with great pride in order to be able to work alongside him on the set, I knew it would teach me a lot. Then over time I began to support him in all his activities and for me it was a huge privilege, a school of life, a decidedly privileged apprenticeship with a significant creative and human added value ”

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