Giuseppe Fata

The form of sublime thought

by Giuseppe Savarino

The head is like a charming box: thoughts and secrets often inhabit its mysterious and padlocked rooms, like jealous masters and little inclined to welcome foreign visitors. Giuseppe Fata, a world-renowned designer who talks through their sculpture heads, reveals the enigmas of the mind with as many spells of art. A one-of-a-kind concept that has its roots in a meticulous search for beauty at the limits of the imagination. Complex and symbolic architecture, ancient and contemporary materials come together in a harmonious crescendo of volumes and details full of meaning. Each head-sculpture is built with architectural precision using the most refined techniques of Haute Couture for a visual result that leaves you breathless and unleashes sublime emotions.
– Many years ago I was with a professor of philosophy; when he asked me where my creations were born from, I replied: everything starts from the mind, from the thought and this is what I want to “export” making visible through his own material representation in my sculpture-heads. It is not a question of aesthetic headdresses, but of real artistic creations that impress on the material the elusiveness and impalpability of thought.
Thought, by its constitution, is the most sacred thing the human mind can produce, for this reason Fata sculpture-heads maintain a constant reference to sacredness: sacred, in fact, is the way of looking at things, sacred is the way to restore its intimate beauty. A sacredness that Fata has known since he was a child when he was an altar boy, when he observed with amazement the precious vestments used in liturgical solemnities or the stuccos and capitals of churches.

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