Irene Ferri


“With this profession I discovered how strong I am”

Interview with the actress, recently appreciated in the shoes of architect Luisa in “Immaturi – La serie”

By Maria Lucia Tangorra


Who does not remember his smile and dimples on his cheeks raise his hand? We imagine that they would really do so in very few because they are distinctive features of Irene Ferri. During the 13th edition of Cortinametraggio (held from March 19th to 25th 2018, the actress played the role of juror of the Branded Entertainment section) we had the opportunity to retrace some steps of the completed path, also collecting her lucid, realistic and , at the same time, proactive on our present.


Irene, referring to the title of the last work in which you are among the protagonists, “Immaturi – La serie” (directed by Rolando Ravello, inspired by the two successful films by Paolo Genovese and broadcast in prime time on Canale5), what does to say be immature?

I think it is a perennial state of mind, it never changes and in some way, perhaps, it is also good to preserve it and protect it despite the events of life; moreover, in the moment in which one becomes a mother, in a certain way, one rediscovers a part of oneself a little forgotten. In the specific case of “Immaturi – La serie” it was a great opportunity to relive a period that, for me, I had not particularly loved, savoring some emotions and certain moments that belong to us all with a greater carefreeness and a different awareness.


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