IVANO MARESCOTTI – «I’ve never been a star»

«To receive a prize is always positive because the work done is recognized; in this case it refers to my entire activity», with these words full of pride Ivano Marescotti commented the recognition received at the VII edition of the Prato Film Festival. We have
retraced the most significant stages of his career with the unmistakable vocal timbre.

by Maria Lucia Tangorra

You were awarded of prizes, do you think is changed the perception that others had about you?
Certainly, they have influenced, along with the experience acquired and the projects I have chosen to carry out. There was a moment when I started feeling like a teacher, I was pleasantly surprised, but I think it’s a sign of an accredited place in the art scene and undeniably makes me proud.

With today’s eyes, how do you look at the decision to change course?
Up to the age of thirty-five I was an employee at the town planning office of the municipality of Ravenna. I had understood that I didn’t want to do it anymore, but I didn’t have an acting vocation. The first occasion happened by chance and I saw that it could be a professional road with possibilities. I spent five years of hard training before starting to live seriously in this job.

You had courage in choosing to leave the certain for the uncertain…
Then I was young and the component of unconsciousness that one possesses at that age gave me the impetus. To this it was added the impossibility of continuing to carry out that profession that didn’t make me happy.

Your path is full of meetings with great Italian authors…
My first film as a protagonist was with Silvio Soldini (“L’aria serena dell’ovest”, edit), who made his debut behind the camera on that occasion. I am very close to Sandro Baldoni. I acted in all his projects, receiving so much professional and personal fulfillment even though they were not titles on the crest of the wave – in particular “Strane storie” is for me a point of reference. I am proud of the feature films made in America, being also an admirer of Hollywood cinema. Since I was a child, I have devoured productions with the great American and local stars of the 60s and 70s in the village cinema, such as Manfredi, with whom I was lucky enough to work.

On the theatrical level there was no lack of masters…
Since the 1980s I have been engaged mainly for the scene (he made his debut in cinema in 1989, edit), moving from Giorgio Albertazzi to Leo De Berardinis, from Carlo Cecchi to Mario Martone to the recent monologue in which I was directed by Valerio Binasco, that I consider one of the greatest Italian directors.

Is there a role that they have not allowed to do to you?
It happened that someone else was taken in my place, as well as to replace those who no longer wanted to take part in a play. I have never been a star, I am a character actor, who had the opportunity both on stage and on the screen to be protagonist several times, also associating projects in which I covered the “secondary” parts.

During the meeting at the Prato Film Festival you highlighted the importance of language and our roots…
When I started acting, I had to lose track of the Romagna dialect because it affected the diction. When I reached a certain quality level, I was able to rediscover my land. I have been proposing evenings that enhance the dialect for a long time, with a satisfactory response from the public.

Where will we see you busy soon?
I will interpret prof. Serebrijakov in “Zio Vania”, directed by Kriszta Székely (on the bill at the Carignano in Turin from January 7th to 26th). I had not yet brought Chekhov’s plays on stage, so I am very curious to get into this adventure. In this period, I’m reading his stories, from which the personality shines through. At the same time, I continue to lead the theater school in Ravenna (TAM – Teatro Accademia Marescotti) and I carry out the activity of writing and representing personal projects. For the season prologue 2019/2020 of the Eliseo di Roma, on September 22nd at the Piccolo Eliseo a reading is scheduled from my book “Fatti vero” (published by Vague Edizioni), that has a close connection with the land of origin. As for the cinema, I’m in the cast of a film with Enzo Salvi – we shoot in Trentino.

Credits Press Office Prato Film Festival: Carlo Dutto


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