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Jo Fabbri, protagonist of the contemporary artistic trend, shows 5 exhibitions in 1 year, between Switzerland and Italy. Every time it’s a sold out, thanks to the energy and the purity communicated by his works.

He’s always there, where he can help, where he can protest or where he can lay bare what is hidden under the appearances.

We’re talking about Jo Fabbri, a young Italo-Swiss artist who has recently multiplied his public exhibitions, as in Milano in June 2016 at Porta Ticinese, where he exposed his manikin CRIME SCENE in front of the Wall of Dolls, against the women’s homicides. Always in Milano, his last series of works, called “Bandiere“, has reinvented the American flag as art subject, arising among the public an instant desire of identification… and possession!

Jo Fabbri’s flags stir up interest, membership reveries, joy…and much more. They’re sarcastic but also aesthetically beautiful and they’re a great success for their energy.

Painted with guns, bullets, red hearts or dollars….so beautiful, strong and sexy: you can only long for them! Nevertheless they seem to be ahead our times and the politic situation which regard us as well as the European Union flag, which is changed in a euro circle of soldiers. Yes, the artistic change makes part of every age and, let’s say it, it doesn’t make any sense to pretend nothing happened, if successfully we realize that the world has already changed everywhere: it’s the same world that wants to regain possession of all those things that we don’t have anymore and that we will never have.

]Nevertheless they seem to be ahead our times and the politic situation which regard us as well as the European Union flag, which is changed in a euro circle of soldiers.

So it happens that at the showdown, the White House that governs us could be printed on toilet paper and adorn our walls as some new Robin Hoods love the world. And our Italy, our darling Italy always a little bit whore, is kissed with its sinuous lips that cover all its body. SO BEAUTIFUL! The most beautiful! Its fantastic SPAGHETTI symbolize all the country from north to south.

Jo Fabbri has used the same sarcastic approach for his series of manikins, all covered with toilet paper: as if he wanted to say…yes, I want a man full of dollars! And, as a manikin I’ll be his princess: beautiful, feminine, incredibly charming and of course, victim of my own desires.

Neither the couple relationship change, interpreted by the manikins covered with battle dress paper: man and woman are also and above all soldiers in war and peace, a peace which becomes transfigured in the artist’s painting, in a dark hug, delicate and at the same time powerful.


Jo Fabri’s next exhibition will take place in the wonderful deconsecrated Church of San Giuseppe in Conversano, marvellous town in Puglia. The show will be open from the 22 nd of July to the 2 nd of August to coincide with the Festival of the Cinema.


And the VALENTINO red? Fashionable, very fashionable, it draws out all the energy of such a lively, triumphant and of passion! And all the animals – giraffe, zebras and tigers – all very beautiful and with the same sacred right to live in freedom without having to be hunted by man for their fur. Not for nothing Jo paints these furs attributing to the definition of ‘fake’ an unexpected praise: the fake furs are very beautiful, more than the original ones! It’s at this point that his vision becomes sarcastic and realistic at the same time. Moreover, he can always keep authentic the background vision of reality by making everything so beautiful thanks to his creativity.

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