“Our “goal” happens when we create comedy in music”

Interview with the trio, made known to the general public through the fiction “Il paradiso delle signore”

By Maria Lucia Tangorra


At the 13th edition of Cortinametraggio (March 19th – 25th 2018) we could finally appreciate them in a live performance. Vibrancy, talent and desire to get involved are some of the ingredients of the Ladyvette, a trio of friends, singers and actresses very humble in real life, which have come up with a name of art to continue to make us dream. We discover and enter the world of Honey (Francesca Nerozzi), Pepper (Valentina Ruggeri) and Sugar (Teresa Federico).


What does it mean to be a band today and why did you decide this vintage style connected to the swing?

This project was born five years ago from an idea by Pepper, who wanted to make Max Pezzali songs in swing version; immediately after she involved us. We are all actresses, in fact, we met in the academy. It all started a bit for fun and became something much bigger. Today we are a band in all respects: we are the singer-songwriters – the task of writing the texts is up to Sugar – and we found in the figure of Roberto Gori a precious pianist and arranger. We take care of everything because we are a totally independent group and this makes us extremely proud of our journey. The choice of the swing could connote our musical proposal as a niche product but it is not so; we are pop – in the best sense of the word – being new songs with comic lyrics. Our “goal” happens when we create comedy in music. We focused on the swing motivated by our personal taste and the consideration that the combination electro swing with the figure of the woman in the 50s and the trio was very fun in contrast with modern times. We need to dwell a bit [leaving aside – we add – the tendency to put labels] to understand who we really are. Our manager always makes this reflection: “girls, you must break down five obstacles: you are girls, you are ironic, you are songwriters, you are vintage and we are in Italy”. We are the first to realize all this in this way, so we are aware that the impact with the novelty can displace and this becomes the sixth obstacle to overcome.



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