L’INFIORATA DI NOTO – «Sicilians in America»

Baroque spring and Infiorata di Noto. Once a year, on the third Sunday of May, the streets of the city of Noto (Sicily) turn into a blaze of colorful flowers.
Via Corrado Nicolaci is the street that frames the Infiorata: the impact is very suggestive. At the top is the Church of Montevergine that contrasts with the palace of Prince Nicolaci, or rather the Villa dorata, with its balconies it’s defined the most beautiful in the world. Today the Noto Infiorata is considered one of the most beautiful events in Sicily and it’s an event that starts with the reproduction of sketches, then passes from the execution of the shapes that are traced in the street and ends with the installation by the artists that carpet flowers via Nicolaci. A work that lasts an entire night and the results are a floral carpet that lasts three days and that hosts shows, exhibitions and tastings.

by Umberto Garibaldi

The 40th edition of famous Infiorata will take place in Noto from May 17th to 19th!
History, tradition and beauty that this year will be dedicated to the Sicilians in America. The theme was designed to consolidate a path of internationalization that has seen the event built on the symbols and traditions of different countries: Japan, Russia, Monaco, China and many others and that identifies the transition from a project focused on narration of the world within Sicily to one focused on the narration of our island in the world.
«It is a true act of love and pure gratitude: we want to dedicate our prestigious Infiorata to the many communities of Sicilians in the World, allowing them to embrace their beloved Sicily and to tell us about their life experiences, the history of many successes and undeniable suffering». These are the words of the Mayor and he continues: «The variety of languages, places and events required adherence to a structured path, a new cycle of Infiorata that will pursue and tell the Sicilian through the daily and exceptional stories of our communities. The first step will thus be taken in North America, between the USA and Canada, and has seen the network of institutional contacts unfolding, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and Consulates General, and that of direct and personal contacts with the Sicilian communities in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto and Hartford».
The infiorata will tell of the journey in a double meaning: as a real moment in which to know a different and new place and as an ideal path in which a fascinating narrative idea develops.
A story that makes vivid the history of the Sicilian communities in North America, with their places and their time in a journey between modernity and memory, in the desire to
establish themselves socially and culturally, in a journey that crosses the generations.
«The infiorata panels will color and flower stories of departures and arrivals; of places left and those found; the sea and the earth, the many painful or beautiful facts and the famous biographies next to the infinite silent and invisible lives that have helped to create and revive the American way of life».
The numerous collateral events will describe the talent, the imagination, the innovative capacity and the avant-garde of Sicilianity in North America. A modern event, sometimes pop, and the great tradition of ephemeral.
«We are proud of a centuries-old path that from the earthquake of 1693 has involved our community in a resilient effort to react with culture, solidarity, the ability to imagine the tragedy of a catastrophic event that, in that terrible year, razed the city and the entire Val di Noto to the ground, decimating its populations. Resilience is a factor that dialogs with the history of our communities in America and the world, because it expresses its tenacity; the will and the ability to rebuild».
The Infiorata, in these 40 years, has helped to consolidate the perception of the community, because Noto, especially on this occasion, rediscovers cities at the forefront that dialogues with the world, that preserves an idea of life, of relationship with the time and with things; with shapes as with lights.
The Infiorata becomes a courageous tool to bring Noto and Sicily into the world and today we dream that it can offer a contribution to bring back the Sicilianity “dispersed” in the world in Sicily.
And the idea was perfectly captured by the SAVA & SAVA communication in Modica by the designers Giuseppe and Federica Savarino. They were entrusted with the task of the graphic narration of this important project. «We have ideally married – affirms Giuseppe Savarino – the essence of Noto with that of America, united by the beauty of the Infiorata, as if to represent the migratory flow that for centuries has united these places and symbolizes the “American dream” made of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The design spirit is summarized in a stamp, the leitmotif of the 40th edition, to recall the story, the letters, the wait and the story of families and lives but with a dynamism such as to look at the present and especially the future».
A compelling story and a symbolic and metaphorical “welcome back”!


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