Lola Astanova

«Beauty is something that makes you stop suddenly and takes your breath away»

Gino Morabito


Between the white and black buttons and the habit of stiletto heels, Lola Astanova seduces us with her notes that originate from Tashkent in Uzbekistan. Not wrongly considered one of the most beautiful pianists in the world, she has been counted among the ten style icons in classical music.


Awarded with the prestigious Emmy Award in 2016, at each concert she takes us by the hand on a journey where the routine, the problems, the worries of the everyday remain outside the door. The journey of a privileged woman who made her art the crowning of a dream.


Too many women are forced to give up their dreams for one reason or another. Being able to chase my dreams and do things my way is definitely the biggest reward I can aspire to.


A virtuoso of the piano that remains faithful to its musical roots and the desire to make each performance “an elegant and passionate love story”.


For centuries all the great artists have tried to describe love, but I don’t know if anyone has managed to completely capture it. Maybe love needs no explanation, but music is the closest thing to expressing it. It is the purest and most universal form of expression and, when sincere, it touches every human being, regardless of gender and culture.


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