Loredana Bertè

«Mimi would finally be proud of me today»

by Gino Morabito

Mini skirt, turquoise hair and stainless grit. Our Lady of Rock holds up like when she sang to Italy who was not “a lady but one for whom the war is never over” (Non sono una signora ma una per qui la Guerra non e’ mai finite). A war also against herself, with her own feelings of guilt, when she relives time with Mimì. Loredana Bertè wears it every moment in her eyes, hidden by a lot of black eyeshadow and in a pout, which rarely gives way to a smile.

Mimì, diminutive on Domenica, was Mia Martini: sister, older than three years, who disappeared in tragic circumstances in 1995. And never forgotten. Loredana never misses an opportunity to mention her, and it is for her that she performs. Always.

Part of me died with her. I feel that when I’m on stage, she is with me, inside me. It is she who gives me the energy for concerts that people think are amazingly crazy. I think Mimi would finally be proud of me today.

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