Are we really sure that the essential is invisible to the eye? In reality for Federica the essential is visible to the eye; all she wants is an essential world.

by Francesca Capaccioli


What projects are you working on, Federica? One show that

One show that I will produce is “Morte di un commesso viaggiatore” by Arthur Miller with Alessandro Haber, of which I would like to quote a beautiful phrase: “Look how they have caged us. Bricks and windows, windows and bricks. The street is a carpet of cars, there is not a breath of fresh air in the whole neighborhood, there were lilacs, there was wisteria and then peonies, daffodils bloomed, there was a scent in this room. The truth is we are too many people! Here is the ruin of this country! The population is becoming uncontrollable!”. How much truth in these words that lead to a reflection on the values of society and on the personal values. It is a text that is always current and profound. This anxiety of the construction of which Miller speaks, takes away all sense of essentiality and takes away any real value of things. It is true that the only certain thing around us is nature.

In addition to the Miller show, what projects are you working on?

I am very happy and honored to have in my group beautiful people who have accompanied me until today even in my productive follies, I could not do without anyone. It is true that ideas often start from me, but the idea would remain somewhat suspended and empty without then a real concreteness of acting, of being real executives. My next projects will be very focused on the text; I choose texts that can give real added value in my life. For me it is stimulating to have ideas that can make the difference from an emotional point of view on people and the people who come to the theater or to the cinema must recognize themselves in the texts, after all I always wake up in the morning with this hunger to understand life. An example was the show “Il Padre” by Florian Zeller, with Haber who managed to treat a delicate subject like that of Alzheimer’s, having an incredible success, think that during the whole tour we collected about 80,000.00 euros that we donated to AIMA (Italian Association of Alzheimer’s Disease) all this makes you understand how the choice of a text is really so important, we are really proud of this result. At the moment I’m working on these projects: “Morte di un commesso viaggiatore” with Alessandro Haber, “Il nodo” another beautiful text with Ambra Angiolini, and then all the things I produce for my husband, but I’m not telling you, I’m eighteen years that I produce for him!

Your husband (Michele Placido) gave an interview in which he said that you have a pragmatism and an ability to manage the things that leave him dizzy and full of admiration. You are mother, wife, musician, actress, singer, producer, how can you be all these things together?

Every day, life must be reinvented. Every time I feel no emotion, I ask myself a few questions and try to undo what I’m doing that doesn’t create emotions. No longer an actress at the moment, I am a singer now. I understood after thirty years that it is important to channel and give the right priority to the energies, because then the emotions that are felt in many things can also create an instability, in the sense that at a certain point I wondered: What am I doing? Maybe I do many so I can’t focus. On the one hand it is beautiful because everyone sees you as a river in flood, on the other hand, instead, you are running out of energy and you realize it only at a certain point when you wake up in the morning and you no longer know who to give the remains to, in the proper sense of dissecting things, but this schematicity then you lose it and you have to give priorities. The music gives me emotion is the main bite, it is what I feel can really make a change in my person, beyond talent, because the character is equally important and believe in it to the end, this really makes the difference. Others, for example, don’t see you as you see yourself, I feel myself, others do not hear me, I feel what I feel inside, others see only a halo of Federica that is my appearance, but then my perception of things internally is another, in fact many tell me: Ah! But you are made to produce! Yes, it’s true, but because it is probably one of the things that is coming to me better at the moment, but the results are not always the real inner result.

Federica, who is Luna?

I am very attached to Luna, because she’s also my duality. I seem determined but in fact I am a person with a thousand doubts and always looking very safe in the eyes of others is a bit sad but also a bit funny and I play with this thing, what I am but in fact I’m not, this one being black and white, shaved and not shaved, one day I produce, one day I sing, this my emotional instability that leads me to be a little bit fluctuating also artistically is very inherent in my name, in fact it is metaphorical in this sense. However, music has always been the soundtrack of my whole life and I am currently working on a gothic-rock musical project, which you will hear very soon.

Once you said that the only thing that saves us today is knowledge…

Many times I realize that the people with whom I am more connected, ask so many questions. In the last two years I have eliminated the ignorant ones, it is bad to say, but ignorance is not an offense, it just means not knowing, not having the knowledge of what is really important and vital, it’s the basis for creating authentic relationships. When I think of music, I am reminded of Tom Yorke (lead singer of Radiohead) it’s tied to the thought that in order to reach neutrality you have to strip yourself of everything. Taking away everything is also linked to the religiosity of this profession to return to the essential of things, of life and love, that is the only thing that really moves all our senses.

Federica go random…

Knowledge will make the difference and over time what I really think and that will move the consciences and will give a value to what we will be, it will be the essential that will have to return.

Ph Angelo Trani

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