Marco Ripoldi


“The compromise? It is not necessarily negative, often it is growth, change and reflection on oneself. If we die Christian Democrats, I hope it will happen as late as possible. ” Interview with the actor of “Il Terzo Segreto di Satira”, protagonist of the movie “Si muore tutti democristiani”.

By Elisabetta Bartucca


Six exams were necessary for the degree in Law when in 2005, after a seminar with Paolo Rossi, he decided to leave the university and start a career divided between the stages of half Italy (Dario Fo, Enzo Jannacci, Cochi Ponzoni, Eugenio Allegri ) and the squares around the world thanks to his passion for the art of clowning. And so Marco Ripoldi started traveling between Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Argentina and Bolivia; in the meantime in 2011 the meeting with “Il Terzo Segreto di Satira”, the group of Milanese artists who became famous on the web and on TV thanks to their videos of political satire. I joined him on the phone last 10 May, on the eve of the release of “Si muore tutti democristiani”, a film starring with Massimiliano Loizzi, Walter Leonardi, Renato Avallone and Valentina Lodovini, a bitter social satire on the generation of thirty and forty of today, which marks the debut of the authors of the collective at the cinema. He has just returned from a week of rehearsals for “Il re anarchico e il fuorilegge di Versailles” by Paolo Rossi, his “putative artistic father”; the debut is scheduled for June 7 at the Ciro Menotti theater in Milan and then at the end of October, after a summer break, the tour will restart at the Sala Umberto in Rome. Meanwhile, Marco Ripoldi metabolizes popularity and waits to return to make videos with the team of “Il terzo segreto di Satira”: “About the political situation, I think as soon as we make new videos, so Bersani does not stop and regardless of this there is D’Alema! “. Secretly, however, he hopes one day to be able to test himself with Paolo Virzì, whom the case he wanted to meet in 2003 in Cuba “when I was studying law and I did not even imagine acting as an actor. I was at the beach with him for a week; we joked a lot and on that occasion he also gave me a portrait. After a few years he turned “Il capitale umano” and on Twitter, jokingly I asked him to audition, he even replied telling me that he was looking for an eighteen year old and I unfortunately was not 18 anymore!”


Let’s start with the title of your latest film. Will we all die Christian Democrats?

It depends on us, even if in this case the Christian Democrat term should not be interpreted in political terms but as an attitude. The film has many keys to reading: it speaks of everyday life, but also of politics without ever talking directly about it. The title uses a political metaphor to tell the daily life, doing the opposite of what “Il terzo segreto di Satira” has done so far with his videos. But I hope that if we die Christian Democrats, it can happen as late as possible! Of course, if I look out on life it imposes so many compromises that are not necessarily negative, sometimes they also bring good things.



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